What does Respawn Entertainment Head Office Look Like Inside?

Apex Legends Work Space Head office
  • What does Respawn Entertainment Head Office Look Like Inside? In this article, we take a look inside Respawn Entertainment studios, the company behind apex legends who just hit 50 million users.
Fun or Stressful?

It’s every gamer’s dream to work for their favorite gaming company. They imagine the fun environment filled with characters from their favorite game, game testing and map creation. All this to say, you can easily find accounts of the opposite on youtube and ex-employees talking about a stressful environment filled with chaos, pressure, and working overtime. Just take a look at glassdoor and the reviews. You’ll usually see a mix of good and bad experiences.

Respawn Entertainment Head Office
Respawn Entertainment Apex Legends Studio
Image Source: Respawn Reddit Page

With the highly successful Apex Legends hitting 50 million users, it only draws more curious gamers to take a closer look at who Respawn Entertainment is. At first glance, they look like your usual gaming company, but a closer look at their office environment, and you’ll notice something a bit different.

Everyone Looks Genuinely Happy
Apex Legends Pathfinder Stand Up Poster
Image Source: Respawn Reddit Page

With some cool Apex Legends character stand up posters and an open lobby with wraith and mirage looking on, you can sense that there’s a sense of pride and accomplishment at Respawn. If you dig further into the world of the internet, you’ll notice lots of pictures taken in the office.

Apex Legends Work Space Lobby Repawn Entertainment Head Office
Image Source: Respawn Reddit Page

Employees look genuinely happy, and a glassdoor review of the workspace gives Respawn Entertainment a 4.7/5 review, and if you compare it to Treyarch’s 3.8/5 and Epics 3.8/5 review, that’s pretty darn good. The head office is much bigger from their original office and allows for a roomy feel with lots of perks and space.

Epic Games Studio Work Review
Image source: Glassdoor
Working At Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends Work Repawn Entertainment Head Office
Image Source: Respawn Reddit Page

If you’re fresh out of school or have lots of experience as a DevOps or site reliability engineer, you could potentially land a job at Respawn Entertainment. View more details here.


Apex Legends Official Poster Banner Stand Up
Image Source: Respawn Reddit Page

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