Apex Legends Season 2 Is Coming Out July 2. Here’s An Update From Respawn

Apex Legends Season 2 Is Coming Out July 2 Update From Respawn
Source: Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment just Released an update tackling some major issues, as well as an update on Apex Legends season 2 weapons. Let’s find out when season 2 is coming out and what’s in store.

Apex Legends Season 2 Is Coming Out July 2

With all the great announcements that were made at EA PLAY, the next thing Apex Legends fans are looking forward to is the highly anticipated season 2, which will be coming out July 2nd. Fans already know that they will be introduced to Wattson in the new season as well as a new weapon called L-STAR. Additionally, there were some teases such as the dragon clip at EA PLAY and @PlayApex’s cryptic message on twitter. But with the new season being more than a week away what else can players expect?

Respawn Entertainment likes to tease their userbase, and we’re perfectly fine with that considering Fortnite does it almost on a regular basis. But this is exactly what fans of the game are looking for. A company that can keep their game updated, and be highly engaged with the community. Well, a few days ago Apex Legends players spotted some flying dragons. These dragons would fly around and pick up death boxes off the ground, making it hard for players to loot them. In order to get the death boxes back, you would need to shoot the dragons for them to drop it. Moreover, if you continue to shoot the dragons they will eventually be eliminated. Although these dragons were released into the game without prior notice, Apex Legends official Twitter account tweeted the following the next day:

Respawn’s CEO Vince Zampella also shared an update via his Twitter page about some updates pertaining to the game and what to look for in season 2. However, he did note that the updates via the EA Blog site didn’t “hit every detail”, and if it’s anything like what happened at EA PLAY, then we’re sure to be in for some goodies on July 2nd.

Season 2 Update

Fans who watched EA PLAY a few weeks back saw the introduced of a new weapon called the “L-STAR”. It was pleasing to all viewers since they’ve been waiting for a major update on the game. The L-STAR was leaked a few months ago as dataminers tapped into the coding of the game, revealing images of it. So the community was already expecting the L-STAR to make it’s appearance, however, no one knew when it was coming until the weapon was announced at EA PLAY. Here’s game footage of the L-STAR:

One thing fans quickly learned was that this new weapon was going to be attainable only through random “airdrop packages”. Throughout the battle royale game, random airdrop packages land in different parts of the map. If you’re lucky, you will be able to capture it first and potentially get some incredibly rare items. Part of the mix are “golden” weapons which prove to be incredibly powerful. The first two gold weapons were:

  • The Kraber – A one-shot high-intensity sniper rifle that inflicts high damage. *Note: Bullets are limited.
  • The Mastiff – A powerful shotgun that can take out a close-by enemy in seconds.  *Note: Bullets are limited.

Now the L-STAR will be included to that deadly list, and will also have a limited amount of bullets; meaning once the bullets are wasted you cannot find more ammunition. As seen in the trailer, the L-STAR’s bullet spread is rather large, which means that players who take hold of the L-STAR will need to be in close proximity to reap the benefits, similarly like the Mastiff. The L-STAR is plasma-fueled. Additionally, the L-STAR overcharges fast, so players will need to understand when and how to burst the gun as it will take some practice.

Other Mentions at EA PLAY

Drew McCoy of Respawn was at EA PLAY, and he mentioned that there will be a lot of skins in the new season, but he also mentioned that players would see new “Hop-Ups”. There will be two new hop-ups:

  • Disruptor Rounds – It will increase shielded damage and will be compatible with the alternator and RE-45. What this means is that these two weapons which were hardly used in the game given how weak they were, will be more enticing to use, especially if players can find the Disruptor hop-up nearby at the beginning of a match.
  • Hammerpoint Rounds – There will be an increase in unshielded damage and the hop-up will be compatible with the P2020 and Mozambique. Again, two unpopular guns will now be enticing for players.
Full Auto Fire L-STAR New Gold Weapon Apex Legends Season 2
Source: Respawn Entertainment

The EA blog states that players can “carry them unironically into endgame situations“. As well as the hop-ups, there will be new “Energy Mags” for the Havoc, Devotion, and Triple Take. There are more updates on the Arc Star, Gold Weapons, Ammo Stack Sizes, and Airdrop weapons which can be read here.

Hopefully, you will be prepared for season 2 which is coming out on July 2. Respawn mentioned that there will be additional patch notes coming out around that time so keep a head up.

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