Apex Legends Twitch Viewership Still At Low Levels After EA PLAY

Apex Legends Viewership Still At Miserable Levels After EA PLAY
Source: Respawn Entertainment

Despite the major announcements for Apex Legends at EA PLAY this past weekend, Twitch viewership remains stagnant. Is this a bad sign for Respawn?

Big News for Apex Legends At EA PLAY

Over this past weekend, Apex Legends fans were eagerly awaiting news for the upcoming Season 2 to be announced at EA PLAY. A week before the event, Respawn Entertainment released one of the biggest patch updates to date, and told fans what they could expect from EA PLAY by posting details at the official EA blog. What we know so far was that a new Legend was going to be announced as well as some Season 2 details. Players were also introduced to a time-limited event called The Legendary Hunt. Things were looking bright again for Apex Legends.

EA PLAY started off with an awkward hug, but it only got better from there.


EA PLAY kicked off Saturday with Vince Zampella and Stig Asmussen talking about Star Wars Jedi: Fallen order. Finally, when it was Apex Legends turn to take the stage, everything turned up a notch. GoldenBoy, a popular streamer was going to be the host for the next half hour. As he was giving a rundown of what we were going to see for the next 30 minutes.  JayFresh, Respawn’s community manager, took over and introduced an extended trailer for The Legendary Hunt. Things were looking great for Apex Legends, and the good news continued.

A New Legend and Weapon

Viewers were introduced to a new original Legend named “Wattson“, who turned out to be a supporting character. With her unique background and abilities, this was looking great for the upcoming season. Additionally, Drew McCoy stepped in, who is the Project Lead at Respawn, and gave details about Season 2 which would be called Battle Charge. He would showcase new skins on the giant LED screen, and also introduced a new weapon called the “L-Star” which is only obtainable through a care package. Gameplay for both Wattson and L-Star was shown on the big screen, which was followed up with the main Respawn staff who worked on them. They went into details about Wattson’s story, and had a story trailer to show which can be seen here:

As viewers were blown away by all the news, the last teaser was shown towards the end of the recap video, where Respawn gave away a little hint of what players would see in Season 2. This included a giant creature at the end of the clip which left viewers confused, but equally excited:

Here’s the screenshot of the giant dragon eye at the end of the clip:

Giant Dragon Eye in Apex Legends Season 2
Source: Respawn Entertainment
Digging Deeper Into the Twitch Analytics

Respawn Entertainment blew us away with their announcement at EA PLAY. Not only was the entire show exciting to watch, but we also received great insight for Season 2 and what we can expect moving forward. If there’s anything that Respawn was telling us indirectly, it’s that they are ready to climb back to the top and really give players what they want. As Drew McCoy stated, Respawn has listened to all the feedback and they are ready to punch back with loads of new skins, game modes, daily and weekly challenges, ranked play, a new Legend, and a super powerful weapon called the L:-Star. Heck, they even showed a giant creature eyeball at the end of everything to tickle our fancy.

As a huge Apex Legends fan myself, not only was the news overwhelming, but it was all very refreshing considering how quiet the game has been in the last few months.


With all that was mentioned, and the excitement leading up to Season 2 now, I was curious if Twitch viewership had increased for Apex Legends. There’s a strong correlation between the number of viewers for a specific game on Twitch, and it’s popularity. Fornite, League of Legends and Dota 2 receive a large number of viewers every day. Some break the 100k mark on a regular basis. Apex Legends was around 200l+ in the first month. Some might argue it was a new game, however, most new games on Twitch get anywhere around 40,000 to 80,000  views. Games that were heavily marketed can crack the 100k mark. Just take a look yourself to see new titles and where their viewership is at.

Regardless, after everything was said and done I wanted to see if the latest announcement for Apex Legends would entice users to start playing the game again, especially over the weekend. That’s when I was completely shocked that Twitch viewership for Apex Legends continued to be stagnant. Not only is this disappointing, but the real question is also where were all the Apex Legends fans during EA PLAY? Were they even watching the segment?

Apex Legends Twitch Viewership Still At Low Levels After EA PLAY

For a game that had reached 50 million users in the first month surely had to attract a large user base with everything that was going to be announced. But, that wasn’t the case. Now bear in mind, the analytics are taken solely from Twitch metrics, considering it’s the number one streaming service for gaming.

EA PLAY Twitch Viewership for Apex Legends Respawn Announcement
Source: Twitch Metrics

To see exactly what was going on, we had to go back to June 8th at 10:00am Eastern Time when EA PLAY kicked off, and have look at the number of viewers at that point. The EA PLAY event was playing on the Twitch category “Special Events”. In the image above, we can see that there were approximately 10,423 viewers at 10am to tune in to EA PLAY, regardless of who was sticking around or not for the later segments. Then, at 10:30am is when Apex Legends took the stage. At this point, viewership only increased by 1,729 viewers. That’s a total of only 12,152 viewers at the start of the Apex Legends segment.

EA PLAY Twitch Viewership for Apex Legends Respawn Entertainment Announcement
Source: Twitch Metrics

Viewership peaked at close to 500,000 at 1:30pm Eastern Time, which is nowhere close to the start time of Apex Legends at 10:30am. But, this doesn’t necessarily tell me what is going on with the game. Gamers who didn’t tune in to EA PLAY to watch the event would still be in the know via news sites, social media, and specifically Apex Legends official Reddit page.

The next logical step would be to check the metrics for the game after 11:00am on Saturday when the news ended for Apex Legends.

No Spikes During The Weekend

By looking at the Twitch Metrics for Apex Legends, we can see that there were no real big changes in comparison with the days leading up to EA PLAY. In fact, viewership was higher for the game before EA PLAY.

Apex Legends Twitch Metrics Viewership After EA PLAY
Source: Twitch Metrics

So what gives?

There’s no real concrete answer as there can be a number of reasons why viewership hasn’t increased. Does this necessarily mean that there weren’t many players playing the game? Not really, as there could have been an increase in users playing despite what we see on Twitch. However, as mentioned above, Twitch viewership is a good indicator of popularity, and if there are a lot of people watching Apex Legends, there’s a good chance there are a lot of people playing it.

As a huge Apex Legends fan myself, I’m very optimistic that the battle royale game will take off again as it’s just a matter of time. With everything that Season 2 will bring, many players who left will return to experience all the great new stuff that Respawn has worked on in order to keep things exiting. They are taking the ride strides in ensuring that their users are at the forefront of their decisions and they made that clear at EA PLAY. I’m very excited to see what Season 2 has in store for us, and I’m 100% certain Apex Legends will make a strong comeback.

Just before EA PLAY announced that they would move onto Apex Legends after going over Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Vince Zampella screamed out “Yeeeaaaaaaa!”. There is no one else that’s more passionate and determined to bring Apex Legends back to the top, and with everything that was announced at EA PLAY, we’re all in for a big treat.

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