Assassin’s Creed Revelations EZIO Limited Developers Bust, Sonic Generations Press Kit Boxset, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune Ring and More!

Good morning VGA readers. I have a huge line up of crazy auctions today. Most, is not all, are regular auctions with no buy it now price. Instead of getting into it I will list the auctions below. Just want to comment on Black Ops 2 for a moment. My overall impression is that it was sick. The maps are small and good for run and gunning with SMGs, as well as a balance of larger maps. It’s very faced paced like the first Black Ops. The perk system is different because if you want to add more perks you need to sacrifice others. It’s very interesting though, I would say it has a mix of the first black ops combined with Modern Warfare 3. Overall great new game to have fun with online. not sure about the story line, not into the story of the game, more online competition. With that said here we go!

Video Game Auctions:

Gears Of War 3 Retro Lancer Replica Rare – It’s only $150 bucks when they were selling for $300+. Not a bad investment.

Super Nintendo Terminator 2 Judgement Day Poster – The good ol`days when they had posters with games. This is only $2 bucks for a badass T2 poster.

Metroid Yellow Box NES Sealed -$225 for this version and already has a bid. The corners are a bit worn but if you`re a metroid fan then I am sure it won`t matter.

Limited Edition Dishonored Corvo Mask – “This mask is extremely rare, and supremely rad! Some GameStop stores were given only one to give away at the midnight launch for Dishonored. It’s brand new with the tags still attached, and was only worn once.”

Sonic Generations Press Kit BoxsetA limited edition boxset created by SEGA to promote the 20th anniversary title Sonic Generations with games press.

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune Ring – “This is one of the Rarest Uncharted Collectors items you can have. These are really hard to find and I hope whoever wins is really happy because they are getting an amazing item to add to their collection.

Vintage 1989 Konami Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Hand Held Video Game – Game works and it’s in pretty good condition. Made by Konami in 1989.

Nintendo Watch Boy 1993 Vintage Watch MINT in BOX NEW NES – Brand new in packaging from 1993.

Vintage Nintendo Super Mario Brothers Jigsaw Puzzles – $30 for both is a pretty good price and they’re complete. I don’t think you’d find these cheaper in a flea market.

NEW,VINTAGE Nintendo 64 N64 key chain – Funny how this is titled “vintage”. It’s an official key chain at $24.

NEW,VINTAGE Nintendo Super Mario Bros. -This is just so cool. It’s a magic slate and I loved these growing up. This is brand new.

INDIANA JONES AND THE FATE OF ATLANTIS GAME PC – This is brand new, sealed. One of the top titles from Lucasarts back in the early 90s. Great game if you like point and click.

Vintage Super Mario Bros. Telephone New In Box – Seller says it is new, although the box has wear on it. What’s cool about these phones is that when someone calls Mario begins to spin if I remember correctly.

SNES Castlevania Dracula X – This copy looks mint, and the bids definitely reflect that. What’s also cool is the seller has the original bill from 1996.

Turtles in Time Street Fighter 2 Starfox Castlevania – 4 amazing SNES titles and they’re all sealed. Bid is at $690 so far with 1 hour to go.

STARCRAFT NEW VGA COLLECTOR SPECIAL EDITION LIMITED 2 PC – I loved this game in high school, never thought I see it sealed though.

DOOM 2 Factory Sealed Brand New – Wow how impressive is this? This game brought shooters to a whole new level.

SEGA DREAMCAST IN STORE DISPLAY KIOSK – It’s only or local pick up but this is one of my favorite kiosks. It comes with a dreamcast and a whole bunch of games.

Super Mario 4 Famicom with NES cartridge adapter– I actually had this when I was a kid. Funny story because these are pirated and my dad pick it up from a flea market so we had this game way before it was released in the U.S. No one at school believed I had Super Mario 3 before it was released.

Call of Duty Black OPS 2 Care Package PS3 Bundle – Pretty cool the seller has Black Ops, Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops II special Editions as a lot for $800.

Assassin’s creed revelations EZIO Limited Developers Bust – Submitted by Kyo, this is ultra rare. “You are bidding for the Assassin’s creed revelations EZIO Limited Developers Bust. Limited to all 220 pieces (Worldwide) and given only to developers who work on the game.” You can view more images on the auction.

Nintendo Nes coffee table livingroom set FREE SHIPPING – This seller is still trying to sell his Nintendo coffee table set. It’s a shame if he lived near me I would buy it but I doubt he’ll ship to Canada.

Mario The Juggler MB-108 New Wide Screen Series Nintendo Game & And Watch – This is really going up there in price. It’s at $600 US.


HALO RED VS BLUE SEASON 3 SIGNED AND FRAMED POSTER – “This poster was signed by the voices of Tex, Simmons, and Church at a convention after the release of season 3. The poster is framed and from a smoke free home. I will ship wrapped securely and shipping does include insurance.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 (Care Package, PS3) (SIGNED BY TREYARCH DEVELOPERS) – It’s not just an ordinary care package edition, it’s signed by Treyarch.

SIGNED Halo 4 Master Chief Card Board Cut Out / A Board – It’s a Halo 4 cut out board signed. It’s in England so keep shipping in mind.

Huge Super Nintendo 20 RARE Boxed Collection Lot Zelda TMNT4 DKCountry Starwars – Great titles in this lot and they are all boxed and complete.

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Assassin’s Creed Revelations EZIO Limited Developers Bust, Sonic Generations Press Kit Boxset, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune Ring and More!

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