Out of Control Atari 2600, Custom Super Metroid Statues and More

There’s a bunch of great auctions running now……

wait… …
Isn’t there always great auctions running? Well once in a blue moon there’s not much to show but todays auctions are worth checking out.

Seller themohter-in-law has listed Out of Control for the Atari 2600. It’s really one of those auctions where someone found an old box of Atari carts in a closet, and then finds out that some of the titles are quite rare. Well, thats literally the case with this auction. Seller says:

I dug out my Dad’s collection of over 300 Atari 2600 games the other day and found out that people are actually looking for these games. Out of Control is in very good condition and it works. The manual is included. It is rated Rarity 9.”

I wish I could do that, find an old box full of rare games to sell. Actually wait, I had my turn with the Wall of Spectravideo, heh. The seller will also be listing a lot of other rarities in the coming weeks such as an Atari 2600 Video Life(with instructions but no box). Keep an eye out for that.

The auction jumped from $120 to $790 this morning. However, there seems to be only two bidders now battling it out. We’ll see what happens in the last few days. 6 days left…

Out of Control Atari 2600 Cart & Manual Auction

Other Video Game Auctions:
Super Metroid Custom Chozo Statue – This auction is for a Rare Custom statue inspired by the Chozo Statue from Super Metroid.These figures have been scratch built and hand painted.They are made from high quality resin and have been professionally painted/finished.The statue comes complete with display stand and measures approx 4.5 inches tall including stand.The statue comes with interchangeable container ball and Morph ball.I am limiting these figures as they take a lot of work to create!
Super Metroid Custom Ridley Statue – same as above.

NEC Turbografx-16 Lot with Programmable HU Card – The HU card is a 32mb chip which lets you play any PC-Engine or TurboGrafx-16 game ever produced. Quite the nice touch for the auction.
Video Master’s Guide to PAC-MAN
1999 Nintendo Summer Blast Promo Pin
Medicom Kubrick Metal Gear Solid Series 1
Maniac Mansion Exploding Hamster Version
-This is the initial Jaleco NES version that still allowed players to put the Hamster in the microwave and cook him! This “feature” was removed from later NES versions of Maniac Mansion. There’s plenty of this version on eBay, but I’m featuring this because of the low price/condition :). Nonetheless, it is pretty interesting that only the first Jaleco versions had the hamster explode in the microwave.

Resident Evil 4: Screen Used Zombie Mask – actually used in the film!
Rare Mortal Kombat Goro Statue – Not many of theser pop up on eBay. Decently priced as another Goro statue has a buy-it-now for $500!

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  1. Damn those Resident Evil Zombie masks are super cool. Only 150 bucks? Oh and it’s not 1 mask, it’s like 5 of them, mask(s) plural so it’s an amazing deal.

Out of Control Atari 2600, Custom Super Metroid Statues and More

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