Atari Comics, Sony Sign, McDonalds Sega Ad and More

Today I’m posting a variety of stuff from signs, promos, and vintage toys. Some of the items are selling at reasonable prices so if you have some spare cash now’s the time to buy! I’ve noticed many of the items I’ve been watching have ended without any bidders or at low prices. Probably the fact that it’s vacation time must have something to do with it.

Sword Quest Atari Promotional Give Away – DC Comics

Sword Quest Comic

Now I’m not sure how many of you follow the Angry Video Game Nerd, but for those who do might remember a video James did on “Sword Quest”, which showed the down-fall of the game and it’s precious prizes. Well here is an original Atari promotional giveaway for the game! The seller doesn’t state what kind of condition it’s in but from the looks of things it’s in pretty good shape! Starting at $0.99 this is not a bad buy. I wonder whats written in it? Click here for Sword Quest Atari Promo Giveaway

Here’s the video AVGN did about the Sword Quest games:

Video by AVGN and taken from Screwattack

Super Mario Bros. Jumper Toys 1980’s

Super Mario Jumper Toys

You are probably wondering why I’m always posting something from Nintendo or even that of Super Mario. Well it’s one of my favorite video games/companies. Super Mario was my first game so it has had a huge impact in my gaming life. Hence the showcasing of vintage mario toys!

This auction is for a display box with 11 Super Mario Bros. Jumper toys made by “Three Cheers”. You only have Mario and Koopa Troopa in the box. Is this where McDonald got it’s idea for “Jumper Mario” in their set? They look identical except that the colors are different in each set, and I can say this with 100% confidence since I am looking right now at the McDonald “Mario Jumper”; it’s literally a foot away from me. The Jumper Mario from McDonald has blue overalls with red shirt, while the Mario from “Three Cheers” has red overalls and a light blue shirt. This auction has 4 days left, 2 bidders and a price tag of $3.24 so far.

Check this auction out here on eBay!

Other Interesting Auctions:

1).McDonalds Happy Meal Promo Ad Sign Sega Sonic 3 Toys – Do you own the entire McDonald’s Sonic the Hedgehog 3 set? Check out this nice “Metal” sign! This is a nice sign to put behind your display of McDonald toys.

2).Atari Force Issues 1 2 3 4 5 Promo Giveaway – The seller who has his “Sword Quest” promo comic up also has this nice Atari Force promo set of 5 comics! $0.99 with 1 bidder….

3).Offical Sony Playstation One Light Sign Neon – Mama mia! Beautiful Sony Playstation sign! Wow, this logo represents a lot for me, specifically nostalgia. An original/official Playstation Neon sign starting at $19.99 with no bidders. Damn I spent $300 already this month on 1 collectible :(. I pass…

4).MEGA MAN Promo Clock Watch Pen Capcom E3 Fighters Edge – 1 day at $4.99

5).World of Nintendo Neon Sign Official – “Reserve not met” :(. At $200 with 1 day left I wonder if the reserve will be met?

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  1. That sword quest is VERY interesting. Me say bid.

    p.s go to the contact page, my name is Kenji not Chrono HAHAHA F..O..C..U..S on the N………………..O…………………….W

Atari Comics, Sony Sign, McDonalds Sega Ad and More

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