Bayonetta Exclusive Gun, RE Mystery Lot, Statues Lot & More!

Gooooood morning ladies and gents! The first auction I want to show you is this video game and anime figures & statues lot.

Video Game Statues

Now, at first I was like “yes! finally a statue lot!“. But, upon close examination there is nothing in this lot that compliments the price. Even at half the price it is still not justified.

There is really nothing in the lot that can be deemed very “rare”. Most of the items are easy-to-find, and even when you branch off to the anime section there’s nothing mind blowing. Maybe the seller paid close to the asking price buying these individually upon release, but depreciation is a –” 😯 “.

For your own curiousity this is what is included in the lot:

-God of War III Pandora Box includes original packaging as well.
-Assassin’s Creed II Ezio Figure in white outfit, with original packaging. (No game included or anything else).
-Escaflowne One Coin Grande Figure Collection comes with all 8 figures plus a bonus of one sealed figure with box and a second Escaflowne figure.
-Tekkaman Sword B-Club Resin Kit complete and unpainted.
-Resident Evil 5 Collector’s Edition for the Sony Playstation 3 system. -Complete and in good condition (Includes game).
-Resistance 2 Collector’s Edition in good condition. (Includes Chimera figure and mini art book in original packaging).
-Lord of the Rings Sauron Collectible Bust. New in box.
-Final Fantasy VII Cloud Resin Statue. New in box.
-Final Fantasy VII Sephiroth Resin Statue new in box.
-First 4 Figures Altair Vinyl Figure 10″ New in box, but box window is missing.
-Black Escaflowne Figure from the Escaflowne Collector’s Edition DVD Set. Comes with Collectible storage box, in good condition.
-Evangelion XS-04 Die-Cast Figure New in Sealed Box
-Evangelion XS-09 Die-Cast Figure New in Sealed Box
-Tekkaman with Pegas figure. New in sealed box.

By all means, if you are interested in this lot the seller has a “best-offer” option so give it a shot!

Click here for Video Game & Anime Figure/Statue Lot

Resident Evil 3 Mystery Box Auction

Resident Evil Mystery Box

This is pretty interesting. I normally don’t see Video Game Mystery Box auctions on eBay; most of the time I see this type of strategy coming from auctions selling “joke toys”, or “coin” auctions. But, this is the first for R.E. The seller claims that the package is valued at $100…… 🙂 …..of course this is estimated by the seller. The seller does say the items are unique and hard to find. He gives us a couple of examples of the contents: promo merchandise, photos and more! Now I am surprised that this auction has not been taken down by eBay. Normally this type of auction goes against their policy. You cannot sell “mystery” to buyers. When listing an eBay auction you need to clearly describe the details of what you are offering so that the bidders are “aware” of what they are bidding on. It’s just a hassle sending something like this back to the seller, especially when he lives in Argentina.

With all that said, the seller does offer a money-back guarantee if the contents don’t satisfy you:

Being this is a mystery auction, I am not going to reveal what is inside the package,that would ruin the mystery, however I´ll mention a few ones, you will receive for sure: promo merchandise, photos and more! You will NOT be disappointed!!! Money back guaranteed! I´m paypal verified!

Click here for Resident Evil 3 Mystery lot – Value $100 Toys Promo

Other Rare & Interesting Auctions

Bayonetta Gun Exclusive Replica Model – vg companies should release more gun replica’s from game such as this one. Even the idea of a Mega Man blaster replica would be awesome!

Onimusha 3 Soul Controller

Famicom Mini 20th Anniversary Collection Box – pretty pricy, but there’s 30 games in total
Club Nintendo Japan 4 Sensu Fan complete set – I love these ‘cooling fans’! Would look great on your wall! Very artsy..
Indiana Jones Display – Atari Counter Top

King’s Field IV Premium Book – anyone remember King’s Field? This book is imported from Japan btw

Nintendo Gameboy Advance GBA E-Reader Bundle – Check out this lot! Great piece to add to your sealed games collection

Game Boy E-Reader

Good Luck!

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Bayonetta Exclusive Gun, RE Mystery Lot, Statues Lot & More!

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