Biohazard 1.5 – Holy Grail Taken Down Too Early

Although I try to find the coolest collectibles on eBay and list them here on VGA, I have to admit that sometimes I’ll find something and keep it to myself *lol*. Hey, I can do that every once and a while alright ;). So with that said, I’ve had a search saved for an item that I thought I’d never see. Well last week someone from Australia listed the Biohazard 1.5 Beta CD, but to my disappointment the seller took down the auction. Probably someone offered a large sum to buy it instantly. But we can never know if it was the real version or some fake since eBay’s notorious for this, but we can assume it was the real deal.

Just a quick recap, for those who don’t know about Biohazard 1.5, basically it’s a game that was never finished. Capcom was in the process of making Resident Evil 2(biohazard 2). They were at near completion and even announced the game at the Fall Tokyo Game Show back in 1996! Everything was coming out that they even released images on the back of the SCPH-5500 PlayStation system boxes( After being near complete Capcom decided to throw out the project simply because it resembled the first Resident Evil which is bizarre since playing in a Mansion compared to Raccoon City can’t be that similar, or could it? But anyways, point being this game has accumulated plenty of interested parties who are on the hunt to find the beta game. Talk’s about it always comes up at, a sub-branch to the official Resident Evil page. The few who have tried the beta game say the game play was better than the official version of RE2 which boggles the mind.

Biohazard 1.5 Beta Disc

With all that said, a copy of the holy grail for Resident Evil finally surfaces on eBay, but then gets taken down with only 2 bids in. I emailed the seller to ask some questions but still have not received any responses. Why would he sell it? Where did he get it from? What was the price he was willing to accept for it? All these questions need to be answer for so many people who were waiting to have a chance to own Biohazard 1.5. In the meantime

If you would like to know more about the subject at hand, here at two great sites that discuss more detail about this beta game and you get to even see pictures/videos of it; and

Just for reference here was the description in the auction:

Sorry, No picture will be listed. 3 day listing only. starting bids at AU$50
Comes with silver bottom disk with Japanese Characters written in black permanent marker. MINOR DISK ROT OR WATER DAMAGE TO THE OUTSIDE OF DISK but WORKS FINE on PC as i don’t have a playstation console to test. Biohazard sound.
Also came with a another disk in the same white slipcase, quite badly scratched, not sure if its another disk of the same, but it doesn’t work, has something burnt/written to it by the looks of things from looking at the bottom.
Tried cleaning it but probably needs resurfacing.
Purchased on New Zealand Website TRADE ME in 2003, when i bought a full Biohazard Japanese Collection for psx,pc,n64 and gamecube.
Thank you for looking and happy bidding
Due to an already popular demand, a photo of the working disk has been uploaded, japanese translation has been done by a guy and it roughly says
“the biohazard pushing on the edge of the release of the sequel proposed by capcom”

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Biohazard 1.5 – Holy Grail Taken Down Too Early

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