Bioshock 2 Rapture Wine Bottle, Playstation Ornament and More!

Good morning VGA readers. Halloween is right around the corner so that means cosplay fanatics have more reason to go out dressed as their favorite game/anime character. If I were to dress up as a character from a game it would most likely involve Final Fantasy (Cloud, Tidus etc…), Chrono Trigger (Crono, Frog) or Super Mario. There are tons of cosplay game costumes on eBay but since they’re unofficial I won’t really list them but they’re there. If one is really cool I’ll usually make an exception and list it here. Now on to auctions!

Video Game Auctions:

Nimble Numbers Ned for the Odyssey – This is categorized as U3 on the Odyssey rarity list which means it’s borderline rare. It is the only one on eBay so I wonder if that rating should be higher? Anyways this is in excellent shape and comes complete (Thanks Alex!)

Vintage Super Mario Halloween Stickers – Oh ya… these are pretty vintage indeed, more like 1989 vintage. Where was I in 1989? Probably grade 1? If I saw these I’d go crazy back then as anything Mario or Zelda related caught my attention. Thanks for the submission Rick.

Bioshock 2 Rapture Wine Bottle – These are pretty rare. There’s a whole history behind this bottle even though it was recent. Here is what the seller says, “You’re bidding on a very rare video game collectible. This unopened bioshock 2 wine bottle was used in a viral marketing campaign. I got this bottle from the beach in Santa Monica, ca at the marketing event.”

Playstation Logo Christmas Ornament – Sony sent this to members of the media during the mid 90s. It’s hard to say which Playstation was more successful, PSX or Ps2? I’d say PSX a.k.a PS1 because of the numbers of games as well as quality of titles. I’m not the sony expert, you can go to playstationmuseum for that.

StarFox 64 3d Tags – This is a very rare collectors item. It is starfox 64 3d dog tags that come in a collectors box. On the front of the tags are 4 characters and on the back of the tags are each of their quotes from the game.

ATARI 2600 HALLOWEEN I AND II LOST VERSIONS – You are bidding on two complete versions of Halloween 1 and 2. Both are Signed #1 (both Halloweens). Working Lights and Sounds. For more information about this click here on Atariage.

Mario & Yossy Magic hand Toy Japan 380mm – It’s a shark hand, clipper, eater, whatever you want to call it. This was huge in the 90s. Pull the trigger and Yoshi starts to bite. Cool stuff.

Mario Sofbi Figure T65mm Nagasakiya Japan – Makes a sound when you squeeze it. From Japan it’s $17, a little high in my opinion.

THE LEGEND OF ZELDA Ocarina of Time 10″ Green Link – The rarest version of Link from the First4Figures series. There’s also a blue Link and a red link. The green link demands a high price.

NEO GEO AES THE KING OF FIGHTERS Collection – This is pretty nuts. The seller has all the King of Fighters for the Neo Geo from 1994 all the way to 2003. Yes 1994, 1995, 1996 and so on. It’s on auction with no reserve. 6 bids and it’s at $305.

Statue Figure Skull Kid Zelda Majora’s Mask – Arrghh I always say this when I see this statue but it was being sold on discount at one point on first4figures for $98. Now it always goes over $200. Wonder how many the seller has of these because every time I see the Skull Kid sold it’s by this seller.

WOW Mottled Drake Mount Loot Code Card – Very rare loot card for World of Warcraft a few of these were given out at Blizzcon 2011.

Starcraft2 Ghost messenger Bag – Apparently these were obtainable at the Blizzcon 2009. I’ll be honest I haven’t noticed this bag on eBay before. I don’t know if it’s legit or not, someone needs to confirm this. Still a really nice looking SC2 bag.

EverQuest Keith Parkinson Lithograph Original – These were being sold on Keith Parkinson’s website for some time and now they’re sold out. This one doesn’t have Keith’s autograph although I have seen ones signed. This is a rare lithograph none the less.

MINT 1988 Legend of Zelda LINK promotional – This is a nice rare brochure for the Legend of Zelda II on the NES. Rare but not $149 rare. Some Zelda collector might nab it at that price.

Resident Evil 2 1998 Trading Card Set Leon Claire Jill Wesker – It’s almost complete, it’s just missing ONE card. This normally sells for more and it’s quite rare to get the whole set.

Ryo Hazuki from Shenmue – A rare figure indeed however there are a few of these on eBay.

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Bioshock 2 Rapture Wine Bottle, Playstation Ornament and More!

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