Call of Duty Jeep, Bonk 3, Halo Reach Sodas, Epic Mickey Jacket and More!

Good morning VGA readers. I have a mix of auctions today from all sorts of consoles and merchandise so let’s get right to it.

First auctions is for a custom made Nazi Zombie Dolls. Sure it’s not official but it’s a cool idea. Anyone who played Nazi Zombies knows how much fun it is. We’ve featured the “Pop bottles” before like Quick Revive and Double Tap, but these are dolls of the four main characters, Takeo Masaki, Edward Richtofen, Nikolai Belinski, and Tank Dempsey. It’s a cool little thing to have around the desk or game room. If you want more info contact the seller.

Second auction is for an Epic Mickey Oswald Jacket and Shirt. Epic Mikey had it’s fair share of promotional items, however the Jacket and Shirt are pretty rare. You almost never see it on auction and they’re official. Since summer is closing up and fall is around the corner this jacket would be perfect. It’s X-Large which is a little downer since I’m usually a medium or a large depending on the style. Nice auction regardless of size so check it out.

Other Video Game Auctions:

Super Mario Game Watch New – Brand new watch with Princess Peach on the cover. Game is “Castle Run”.

Massive CD-i Lot – Submitted by our friend H.J, the lot has 56 games. I didn’t even know CD-i made that many. There are a lot of good titles in this lot.

Halo Mega Bloks Display – It’s complete and untouched. If you’re a Halo fan you have to admit this is cool. For $250 is it worth it? Well they’re not common so I’d say so, but shipping would be a headache.

Lian Li PC-XB01 XBOX 360 Case – “This auction is for a barely used Lian Li XB01 Case. This was purchased for a transplant of an old system that could not be salvaged. It comes with all included hardware as well as the extra HDD/DVD cabling needed to perform the swap. I included the cables from my old console to help the buyer.”

Hagane Final Conflict Complete – This store used copy comes complete, but looks beaten.

Intellivision 2 II Game System SEALED 1982 Vintage – Wow brand new and never opened from 1982. Auction is currently at $150 beans.

Halo Reach Sodas – Here are some Halo Reach sodas. I think I read somewhere that Soda bottles that are new can be pierced with a needle to let the soda out and keep the cap unopened and it will still hold it’s value. Anyone can confirm this?

Bonk 3 – For Turbo Duo Super CD, reason for rarity is simple… low quantities made, limited time.

Fire ‘N Ice Nintendo – Game is complete and in really nice shape from 1992.

Super Street Fighter 4 thumb fighters – These are cool, thumb fighters. Anyone care to challenge me in a duel?

Mushi Hime Sama Ps2 – This import from Japan is a hot shooter. It’s smooth, fun and the music is great. The gameplay and music has a touch of SNES.


Gears of War Metal Box – It’s a Mad Catz Gears of War Metal Box. Really nice looking and the seller is including some extra cool stuff.

Nintendo NES Uninvited – Cool game, not common and this is near mint and complete.

Nintendo 64 Light Up Sign – WHAT? Only at $40? What a steal, someone has to win this for higher. I would but my budget won’t allow me for this month! Darn it.

Magic Knight Rayearth – For the Sega Saturn this is a must have RPG for any RPG fan. I’m in need of buying a Sega Saturn just for the few RPG titles they have.

Albert Odyssey – Same as above, it’s for the Sega Saturn and high quality RPG.

Call of Duty Modern Warefare 3 – Is this a Joke auction? Is there something I’m missing? Maybe it comes with a Golden Ak47 and a Military Parachute? Check out the price on it.

Call of Duty Real Jeep – I don’t know if this is official but I checked it out and yes it is?!? It’s model is “Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon Call of Duty”.

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  1. Hi Jeremy, in my humble opinion I think they’re priced a little too high, reason being sodas in general don’t attract the collector crowd. I’ve seen it in movies, music, and rock. When it comes to promotional sodas they don’t hold value. Now if your sodas were consumed by the Bungie staff then an argument could be made but that would be the equivalent of buying Britany Spears chewed gum off eBay.

Call of Duty Jeep, Bonk 3, Halo Reach Sodas, Epic Mickey Jacket and More!

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