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 Call of Duty Leaderboards

GameLife will now have a new branch for our strong brand which will help online gamers who play for the public leaderboards understand the current state of Call of Duty Leaderboards. We will be the authority of all Call of Duty Leaderboards.

The mission behind this new branch will be to showcase the true stars of Call of Duty. The competitive gamers who grind day-in and day-out to break top 100 on the career leaderboards.

The only problem these gamers face are the boosters and cheaters that play these games also. Boosters and cheaters have been around since the beginning of time.

The difference between a “booster” and a “cheater” is this:


A booster is someone that gets “free” kills/points in a game that consists of only his other accounts/boosting buddies. Normally a booster has multiple Xbox accounts/consoles and creates parties to join a game that only has his fake accounts/boosting party members.

For example, “Booster A” has 6 Xbox One accounts across many different consoles. He then invites Booster B, C, D, E, F, G to complete a room of 12 players. “Booster A” search for matches or joins the second party which holds Booster B,C,D,E,F,G.

Once the connection is complete both parties enter the game and play against each other. However, the game is coordinated so that only one member of each party is getting all the points. Other games are created so everyone gets a fair share of boosting points.

Boosters typically get 10x or even 20x the amount of points that a very good player would get in the same amount of time. Otherwise put, What takes a booster 1 hour to achieve 100,000 points might take the average gamer 1 month to achieve. Boosting is clearly visible from analyzing states. Or, in some rare occassions, captured by a leak in video as seen below.

Video of Booster in Modern Warfare Remastered

This was a clip taken from the famous “Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered” game on the Xbox One. As you can see, there’s two parties consisting of players who are all boosters.

Only one member on each team is getting the points while the rest of the boosters in the game stay put and play as “pawns” in this boosting lobby. Notice how one player is moving around all the “pawn” players. This is to prevent the system from stopping the game or raising flags that it is a boosting lobby.

As long as one person is active on each team, the game continues. Towards the end, a claymore is placed down. The enemy walks into it while shooting at the planter. Both die to end the round and achieve maximum points.

Here is one last video of another booster. In the clip everyone is not playing competitively, rather casually and letting the enemy plant/defuse the bomb. This is unnatural as you’re not suppose to allow the enemy to enter your area and plant his bomb as freely as he pleases.

Video of Boosting Team Tactical Call of Duty


Cheaters are different from boosters because they find exploits in a game, or use software to enhance their ability to kill their opponent who otherwise does not have the same means vice versa. It’s having an “unfair” advantage over our opponent.

Softwares such as aimbots and wall hacks still exist. Here is an example of a wall hack:

There’s really no way around this but leaving the game. Although hacking games have become a lot harder with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, there’s always a loophole that someone figures out.

However, I can say that cheaters have calmed down because PlayStation and Xbox work very hard to catch these players as well as setup a strong infrastructure that lowers the ability for hacks to be used.

This is why boosters are worse, because they’ve been able to find an exploit in the matchmaking and know it will take a long time to get their stats reset so they enjoy the ride while it lasts.

In recent times, Ravensoftware has done an alright job of erasing boosters from the leaderboards.

Amos Hodge Boosting Tweet

However, the process is incredibly slow, and takes maybe 4-6 months for them to actually get anything done. I’ve lived through this. I’ve been on the forefront of complaining and trying to get any type of responses from them. I am sure that it’s a long and gruesome process for Ravensoftware hence the reason it takes them forever to remove boosters from the leaderboards.

But by the time they do remove boosters, many players have quit because they lack the motivation to continue playing the game. Even when there’s actual evidence, and proof of videos such as the one above for MWR submitted to them, sometimes no action is taken and these boosters remain on the leaderboards.

A simple audit of backend stats would be able to prove who are the boosters. When someone averages more than 10x the points than everyone else, and their points ratio is completely off, that should be a good sign that a gamer is boosting (as well as that booster getting reported a lot).

Xbox Live

Since 2001 with the intro of Xbox Live, things have moved very slowly and not much has been done to eliminate the boosters.

I have seen a significant improvement for PlayStation 4 games. For example, there were virtually no boosters on the leaderboards in Modern Warfare Remastered that have lasted at the one year mark. However, there are numerous amounts of boosters still on the leaderboards for the Xbox One version.

I believe it has to do with the increased popularity of playing competitively on the PlayStation 4 console. Competitive Game Tournaments like the MLG use the PS4 console so I believe there must have been some sort of contract in place for these tournaments to be sponsored by PlayStation 4.

Since the beginning, Xbox had the more superior online experience and gamer base. But in the last 5 years PlayStation has captured that market and many Xbox players have swarmed over to the PS4 and dropped their Xbox.

There’s probably the boosting aspect to this change as well…

Call of Duty Leaderboards

In the next few days we’ll start to roll out weekly summaries of the Call of Duty WII Leaderboards for the Xbox One, and eventually PlayStation 4.

It’s not just to report boosters, but to also keep tabs of the grinders and showcase these players. We’ll be talking about the Top 100 Players weekly in “Career” stats.

We’ll report back on the major moves up and down the leaderboards as well as showing the top clips of that week.

It’s about time that public leaderboards gets some attention, and a lot of gamers purchase games to compete for the leaderboards. The online game has become incredibly competitive, and GameLife is here to share with you the stories behind this competition.

The Authority for Call of Duty Leaderboards.


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