Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2v2 Gunfight Tournament Beta Is Live

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2v2 Gunfight Tournament Beta is Live

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare had a great start moving over from the successful beta, to the exciting launch. The players base were excited especially after the Beta. The game was launched a month ago and everyone seemed happy with the game for a few days. However, later we have started to see several faults and problems here and there. The most important fault in the game is probably still the SBMM. SBMM is short for skill-based matchmaking. This mechanic will match you with players around the same skill level as you. In the past, this was not an option. However, in order to protect the more casual players, Call of Duty developers wanted to include SBMM in this game. But it does not make most of the hardcore players happy. Because it affects the gameplay and makes the game slower combined with fast TTK. Therefore players took the matter into their hands and some of them are reverse boosting now.

This issue is not addressed by the Infinity Ward yet. Although there is other news from the Devs. Gunfight Tournament mode Beta is live. Gunfight, is a mode where you play 2v2. You and your friend have one life and which team eliminated first they will win the round. It is a really interesting mode and now we have the tournament version of it. The matches are really intense because of one life per round. Call of Duty developers announced that the game features 32 players, 16 teams and 8 rounds in order to win. There are some rewards expecting you if you can win the Gunfight Tournament mode.

The tournament is bracket-style. Interestingly players will be able to see both sides of the bracket. So it is not random matchmaking after the first round. Players might be waiting in the lobby for some time for their opponent to finish their match as well. There are 5 maps in this mode. These are Gulag Showers, Hill & Pine, Docks, Speedball and Stack & King. Infinity Ward devs also stated several useful tips for each map and strategies for gameplay. if you want you can check these from here. 

This will be an interesting addition to the Call of Duty League. Of course, it will not be a huge esports scene but it will be a nice addition to it regardless. Just remember that you will have a random loadout. This is done in order to make the teams as equal as possible. Be prepared to use even a pistol because as we have said before it is random. Also good luck in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Gunfight Tournament.

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