Call of Duty Modern Warfare Cross Play – Here Is How It Works

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Cross Play - Here Is How It Works
  • One of the most iconic FPS games out there, Call of Duty, has cross play functionality. Xbox and PC players recently had a taste of what it was all about. Here is how it works.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Cross-Play

Call of Duty is one of the most recognizable FPS games in the world, and has one of the longest-running franchises. This brand has been going on since the 2000’s. Even though there were some rough patches here and there, the game is still going strong. Players were asking for a modern version of the game for some time due to the repeat of futuristic-type versions such as Advanced Warfare and Infinite Warfare. Well, Activision brought back WWII, bringing fights back to boots on ground. Treyarch followed up with their Black Ops 4 release, however, players were still wanting boots on ground. Well, Infinity Ward answered. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is coming and it is in Beta right now. Call of Duty was announced as an opposite of Battlefield for a long time now. Compared to Battlefield’s big maps and more tactical gameplay. Call of Duty offered players a little bit more arcadey gameplay.

But since we have seen Call of Duty: Modern Warfare we are sure that the game is taking a shift towards Battlefield. This is an interesting choice. This CoD game is much more tactical than before. The weapons have significant recoils. Of course, there is auto-aim on the console. However, according to Infinity Ward, they will have huge battles also. This was a huge step for this franchise. But maybe the most interesting announcement came yesterday. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will have crossplay between XBOX, PS, and PC.

How Does Cross-play work for Modern Warfare

Some players in the community misunderstood what Infinity Ward meant when they said they will have crossplay with Xbox, PS, and PC. Infinity Ward announced that they are making sure that console players and PC players will only come across each other if they choose.

There are several different options in the game that players can choose if they want to play against controller players or keyboard players; so the option is entirely on the players side. This is an elegant solution. If players want to play with their friends and their friends are on console only that friend will be entering a keyboard use allowed game.

This is a huge step and it will be done with the controller input. Even if you are a PC gamer with a controller you can choose to enter to play against other controller users on console. We do hope that this system will perform as it sounds, but so far everything is looking good in Beta.

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