Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Patch 1.07 Fixes 725 Shotgun

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Patch 1.07 Fixes 725 Shotgun

Call of Duty Modern Warfare came out 2 weeks ago. The game received some positive reviews and it is going very well. Activision announced that the game sold over $600 million in the first 2 days since release. of course with the good reviews etc. this will be reaching a much higher figure. The game is great, we are sure that this is the Call o Duty we were expecting in the last 5 years or so. For some time, Call of Duty was losing the battle versus Battlefield. However, since BFV was not very good, Activision and Infinity Ward was able to pick themselves up. But still, the game has some problems here and there.

Currently, the game has 2 main problems. Number one is most of the player base is either using M4A1 or 725 Shotgun. Currently, both of these guns are extremely overpowered. Especially 725 with a range of a submachine gun, is in disguise as a sniper rifle. Currently, most of the players are unhappy with this. Also, the next problem seems to be the map rotation and mat count.

Currently, the map is offering a decent amount of map. However, the amount of maps seems a little bit lower than the titles before. Especially maps like Picadilly did not get any favorable reviews from the players.

But Activision is taking a step to prevent these from becoming an issue. Therefore there will be an update on these issues. There will be new maps coming also a nerf to several weapons. Also, the claymores will be targeted as well. We are not sure what is the problem with claymores since you can get just get a perk and not die to them. But they feel like they need tweaking so.

Also, we are not sure but some of the players are also commenting on that SBMM (Skill Based Match Making) is destroying their game. Yes SBMM makes the game harder for players. Also, some players are deliberately destroying their K/D, etc. to match with lower skill players. But in the long run, we believe it was necessary. You should not match a person who just started playing games with a CoD veteran. After all, that is what Activision developers stated. We think currently Infinity Ward is doing a great job with this game and one can only hope for a Battle Royale mode.

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