Call of Duty Warzone: How to Know Circle Locations

Call of Duty Warzone How to Know Circle Locations
  • Players can learn the next circle’s location in Call of Duty Warzone, but it’s not as easy as you’d think. Here’s how to learn gas circle locations.

Call of Duty Warzone is a different type of Battle Royale game than we’re used to. It has a lot of missions and different ways to get an advantage which is quite unique. There are Buy Stations and Missions that makes the Modern Warfare game mode very unique. Buy Stations allows you to buy things such as killstreaks, armor, etc. There are 3 types of missions in the game. These missions are Bounty, Recon, and Scavenger. Missions generally award players with money and weapons but each of them is not very easy to complete. But they offer some additional perks. Generally, these missions are 3 tiered; you get more money after completing each tier. However, recon missions also award players with the location of the next circle.

How to find the next Warzone Circle?

This means that you will never have to worry about the gas. However, these missions are not very easy. Recon missions need players to secure a flag and this flag is generally in an open location, instead of a house, etc. Also if you complete these missions other players are notified via flare.

Call of Duty Warzone Circle
Image: Infinity Ward

Recon mission locations are unknown by other players, but as we said before they are in an open field therefore you can die with a sniper shot. Each time when you complete the mission you are notified with the next gas circle on your map. Each mission gives more and more cash for you to complete so please complete them.

Call of Duty Warzone has many differences than a normal Battle Royale game. We are sure that other BR games will take action after this, and they will try to include these type of missions into their games, just like after Apex Legends, everyone followed their pinging system. Call of Duty Warzone is an interesting addition to the CoD world, we are expecting this game to be supported for several years, in different ways. However, the game still needs a little bit of optimization, especially on PC. The system requirements for it is insane and many players are having difficulty playing it.

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