Crimsix Gives the Best Response After OpTic Gaming Wins the CWL Vegas Open

OpTic Gaming CWL Final Winner League Esports Call of Duty
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Ian Porter aka Crimsix of OpTic Gaming won the CWL Vegas Open and was questioned on what it’s like being a mentor, learning and working with his young teammates.

OpTic Crimsix is one of the winningest esports Call of Duty player of all time, having won many titles with OpTic Gaming and proving to the world that he’s the real deal. Along side his teammate, OpTic Sump |(who’s right up there with Crimsix on number of titles) were standing side by side after OpTic beat eUnited.

Questions and Praise
OpTic Gaming Esports Interview
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With the victory still fresh and all cameras on OpTic Gaming, Crimsix was asked about his thoughts on working with his temmates, who are younger than he is. He was asked:

“You’re already the winningest player in history and add another notch to the belt but… talk to me about this young talent. What’s it like being a mentor, learning from them, working together… Can you believe it?”

OpTic Crimsix gives the best response:

“I can’t believe it. I can’t believe that Brandon is as nasty as he is and TJ is clutch as he is. They are both… we just got so lucky. We got so lucky. And that Damon… thank you. Thank you for coming back”.

He’s a true champion and a very humble guy. All of OpTic Gaming deserved to be right back at the top and they showed it at the CWL Vegas Open. To think how far OpTic Crimsix has come along since changing games; from Halo to Black Ops 2 competitively, it’s nice to see that hard work does pay off and we have a feeling we’ll continue seeing OpTic Crimsix at the big stage with OG.

Here’s the video clip of OpTic Crimsix giving the best response:

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