CWL Championship UPDATE: Pools, Schedule, Stats and Analysis.

CWL Championship UPDATE: Pools, Schedule, Stats and Analysis.

CWL Championship UPDATE Pools, Schedule, Stats and Analysis Esports
  • Updated August 19, 2019: Here’s everything you need to know about the CWL Championship 2019. The Finals of the tournament concluded, with eUnited being crowned the 2019 CWL Champs.

Day 3 of the CWL Championship – August 18

In Day 2 of the Championships, fans got to see Team Reciprocity go for an incredible run all the way to the winners Semifinals until they were beaten by OpTic Gaming. However, Rec fans will still see their team in the tournament against 100T in the Losers Quarterfinals. Evil Geniuses, Sicario Gaming, and Luminosity were all eliminated from the event yesterday and many were shocked that Lum weren’t able to move ahead given their hot winning streak. They were defeated by Rec in the winners quarterfinals and lost to Enigma6 in the losers round 3. An unfortunate end for Luminosity, however, their performance was better than in past CWL majors. OpTic Gaming and eUnited flawlessly moved onto the Winners Finals which will be a rematch of CWL Vegas. OpTic have been looking better as the tournament progressed, and the goat was on his A-game:

eUnited’s game has improved immensely after the addition of Simp to the squad, and looked like the champs in yesterday’s game against Units. The CWL panel were in awe of Simp’s performance, and Momo calling it the most dominant SnD performance he’s ever seen.

OpTic Gaming has had their ups and downs in the last few months, however, it looks like they’ve found their form again. It will be one of the most intense battles we’ll see at this event. In the Losers quarterfinals we’ll see Units against Enigma6, and 100T versus Team Rec.

Here’s Championship Sunday’s schedule:

1). 10:00 PM PT / 1:00 PM ET / 6:00 PM BST
  • Team Reciprocity 1 VS 100 Thieves 3
  • Units 0 VS Enigma6 3
2). 11:30 PM PT / 12:30 PM ET / 8:30 PM BST
  • eUnited 3 VS OpTic Gaming 1
  • 100 Thieves 3 VS Enigma6 0
3). 1:00 PM PT / 4:00 PM ET / 9:00 PM BST
  • 100 Thieves 3 VS OpTIc Gaming 0
4). 2:30 PM PT / 5:30 PM ET / 10:30 PM BST
  • eUnited 3 VS 100 Thieves 2
Day 3 Losers Bracket CWL Champs Scoreboard
Day 3 Winners Bracket CWL Champs Score

In the finals, eUnited and 100 Thieves met to put on an unbelievable show. eUnited won the first match, but 100 Thieves came back to win the next two. After regrouping, eUnited found a way to dominate the next two matches, taking home their very first CWL Championship title.

You can read all about it here: CWL Championship Winners – eUnited Champions

Congrats to eUnited for their incredible win, and a huge thank you to everyone who participated to write this story. The 2019 season ends, and we’ll all be looking forward to the next chapter in CAll of Duty esports.

Day 2 of the CWL Championship – August 17

After Day 1 of the Call of Duty Championships, fans have seen some incredible matches, but one thing that viewers took notice were the 3-1 scores across the board with exception to Team Envy and Units. Typically, CWL fans saw very tight games, going the distance to 5 games. Chance, one of the Pro League casters even brought up a statistic at the Finals saying that more than half the games went to a game 5 at every major. That meant that the match-ups were solid, and fans saw some incredible Call of Duty battles.

However, the Championships saw things different in group play and in the winners brackets. Additionally, the only blow out was Enigam6 over Elevate 3-0, which was uncharacteristic of Elevate as they were incredibly solid finishing off the Pro League season as well as in the early latter of this event. Here is how the Winners Bracket looks after Day 1:

Winners Bracket Day 2 Schedule Result Call of Duty Championship
CWL Champs Upsets

The biggest upset of the event so far was Luminosity’s win over 100 Thieves. For many, 100 Thieves were the favorites to win the title as they were the only organization this year to win back to back titles (CWL London and CWL Anaheim). On top of this, they had a dominant season, beating some of the best teams like OpTic Gaming. So when they lost to Luminosity Gaming 3-1, this sent shockwaves to the whole CoD competitive community.

Why is this so strange you ask? Because Luminosity were fading out in the season, and towards the end of the season were on a major losing streak. Considering they had some of the best talents with FormaL and Slacked, many fans were left scratching their head what was happening with the team. A similar occurrence happened at Fort Worth when Luminosity didn’t fair well in the season prior to the CWL major, however, they dominated that tournament winning the title. With a win over one of the best Call of duty esports teams definitely puts them in the race for #1.

Another upset is Team Reciprocity beating FaZe Clan 3-1. FaZe Clan has been dominate since they entered the season towards the later part of the season, and Team Reciprocity were always floating around 500. However, with Wuskin and Dylan at the fore-front, Reciprocity have the capability to beat any top team in the league and they showed that yesterday. Another upset was Evil Geniuses over Splyce. Throughout the entire pro league season, Spylce were one of the top teams, and finished 2nd at Fort Worth. But towards the end of the season, there were some red flags as to the teams synergy. A team that was once feared started to show wear, and that fell through in the Winners Bracket. Evil Geniuses, on the other hand, looked very good, and everyone will be looking forward to a Jkap vs Clayster.

Day 2 CWL Schedule

Here is the Championship schedule for day 2:

1). 10:00 PM PT / 1:00 PM ET / 6:00 PM BST
  • eUnited 3 VS Evil Geniuses 2
  • Units 3 VS Sicario Gaming 2
2). 11:30 PM PT / 12:30 PM ET / 8:30 PM BST
  • OpTic Gaming 3 VS Enigma6 1
  • Team Reciprocity 3 VS Luminosity Gaming 2
3). 1:00 PM PT / 4:00 PM ET / 9:00 PM BST
  • Enigma6 3 VS Team War 2
  • Luminosity 3 VS Singularity 1
4). 2:30 PM PT / 5:30 PM ET / 10:30 PM BST
  • Sicario Gaming 1 VS 100 Thieves 3
  • Evil Geniuses 3 VS Elevate 0
5). 4:00 PM PT / 7:00 PM ET / 12:00 PM BST
  • eUnited 3 VS Units 0
  • Enigma6 3 VS Luminosity 2
6). 5:30 PM PT / 8:30 PM ET / 1:30 AM BST
  • Team Reciprocity 1 VS OpTic Gaming 3
  • 100 Thieves 3 VS Evil Geniuses 0
Moments from CWL Championship Tournament Esports

CWL Championship UPDATE: Pools, Schedule, Stats and Analysis

The CWL Championship bracket play starts today. There were 32 teams that competed on Wednesday (Aug 14) and Thursdays (Aug 15) playing Black Ops 4; COD’s latest game in their line-up. Only 16 teams would move on to the bracket play to compete for the final Call of Duty World League Championship title, and a chance to get a share of the prize pool money of $2,000,000. Since December 2018 leading up to July 2019, 16 teams competed in the Pro League season as well as majors including Vegas, Fort Worth, London, Anaheim, and the Finals.

All the glorious victories, heartbreaks, and drama has lead up to the last major COD esports event of 2019. The CWL Championship event will be available on MLG’s website, and Twitch streams until the last day of the major tournament.

With two days already in the books, the main bracket play begins today and the competition couldn’t be more fierce. Here’s everything you need to know about the Championship finals.

The CWL Champs 2019 Broadcast Team

Throughout the Call of Duty World League Pro League, viewers were spoiled with a talented line-up of casters and hosts for all the matches. We’ve seen some hilarious moments, technical breakdowns of the matches as well as expert insights from ex-esports players. All of the best talent in the league has come together for the last major COD esports event of the year.

Here are your CWL Championship casters:

  • Maven
  • Merk
  • Benson
  • Chance
  • Momo
  • Miles
  • Katie
  • Pacman
  • Nameless
  • Studyy
  • Jess
  • Blaze
  • Bricey
  • Tunn
  • Sean
  • Allycxt
  • Lando
  • Courage
CWL Broadcast Team Casters 2019

The CWL Championship Rings Up For Grabs

Not only are teams fighting for the grand prize and a chance to lift the championship trophy, but players are also hoping to secure the CWL rings that the champs get at the end of the event. Like in major sports, the team that wins the finals also receives a championship ring. This years Call of Duty rings look elegant, flashy, and have the beautiful Call of Duty logo on it. Here is a picture of the rings provided by the CODWorldLeague Twitter page:

2019 CWL Championship Rings

Wednesdays and Thursdays Past CWL Matches

Here were the schedules for Wednesday’s and Thursday’s matches, which are in the books. But or those who were curious who was playing each other can have a quick recap.

CWL Championship Wednesday:

Pre-Games Championships CWL 2019
Source: CODWorldLeague

CWL Championship Thursday:

Pre-Games Championships CWL 2019 Thursday Matches

CWL Championship Players from the Pro League 2019

Here are the players for the CWL Championships:

  • Gen.G:
    •  Chance “Maux” Moncivaez
    •  Michael “MajorManiak” Szymaniak
    •  Jared “Nagafen” Harrell
    •  Colt “Havok” McLendon
    •  Dylan “Envoy” Hannon
  • Heretics:
    • Alejandro “Lucky” Moreno
    • Jorge Gabriel “Methodzsick” Alvarez
    • Juan Antonio “JurNii” Gonzalez
    • Ronaldo “Waartex” Lovado
    • Adrian “MeTTalZ” Serrano
  • UYU:
    • Saul “Parzelion” Masse
    • Alex “Zaptius” Bonilla
    • Jorge “MethodZ” Bancells
    • Matteo “Royalty” Faithfull
    • Adrian “MeTTalZz” Serrano
  • FaZe Clan:
    • Tommy “ZooMaa” Paparatto
    • McArthur “Cellium” Jovel
    • Obaid “Asim” Asim
    • Matthew “Skrapz” Marshall
    • Trei “Zer0” Morris
  • 100 Thieves:
    • Kenny “Kenny” Williams
    • Preston “Priestahh” Greiner
    • Sam “Octane” Larew
    • Austin “SlasheR” Liddicoat
    • Ian “Enable” Wyatt
  • Elevate:
    • Wailers “Wailers” Locart
    • Paul “Breszy” Breszynksl
    • Mike “MRuiz” Ruiz
    • Cesar “Skyz” Bueno
    • Christopher “ProFeeZy” Astudillo
  • Enigma6:
    • Jordan “Jkap” Kaplan
    • Dillon “Attach” Price
    • John “Xotic” Bruno
    • Timothy “Phantomz” Landis
    • Bryan “Apathy” Zhelyazkov
  • Evil Geniuses:
    • John “Xotic” Bruno
    • Tyler “FeLo” Johnson
    • Jevon “Goonjar” Gooljar-Lim
    • Matthew “Royalty” Faithfull
    • Dillon “Attach” Price
  • Midnight Esports:
    •  Devin “LlamaGod” Tran
    • Renato “Saints” Forza
    • Christopher “Parasite” Duarte
    • Andres “Lacefield” Lacefield
    • Rasim “Blazt” Ogresevic
  • Splyce:
    • Jordan “Jurd” Crowley
    • Donovan “Temp” Laroda
    • Ulysses “Aqua” Silva
    • Daniel “Loony” Loza
    • Cuyler “Huke” Garland
  • Luminosity:
    • Josiah “Slacked” Berry
    • Johnathan “John” Perez
    • Matthew “FormaL” Piper
    • Carson “Brack” Newberry
    • Nicholas “Classic” DiCostanzo
  • Units:
    • Joe “Joe” Pinnington
    • Ben “Bance” Bance
    • Rhys “Rated” Price
    • Alex “Alex” Carpenter
    • Ryan “Zeeked” Lapierre
  • eUnited: 
    • James “Clayster” Eubanks
    • Alec “Arcitys” Sanderson
    • Preston “Prestinni” Sanderson
    • Chris “Simp” Lehr
    • Tyler “aBeZy” Pharris
  • OpTic Gaming: 
    • Seth “Scump” Abner
    • Ian “Crimsix” Porter
    • Damon “Karma” Barlow
    • Tommy “TJHaLy” Haly
    • Brandon “Dashy” Otell
  • Team Envy:
    • Patrick “ACHES” Price
    • Peirce “Gunless” Hillman
    • Justin “SiLLY” Fargo-Palmer
    • Maurice “Fero” Henriquez
    • Cuyler “Huke” Garland
  • Team Reciprocity:
    • Dylan “Dylan” Henderson
    • Bradley “Wuskin” Marshall
    • Denholm “Denz” Taylor
    • Zach “Zed” Denyer
    • Dylan “Dylan” Henderson

CWL Championship Pools

After two days of fierce competition, the CWL Championship pools are finished, and here is where each team stands:

CWL Champs Pool A
  1. eUnited – 3-0 (9-2 Map Count)
  2. Elevate –  1-2 (5-7 Map Count)
  3. RBL Esports – 1-2 (5-7 Map Count)
  4. Celtic FC Esports – 1-2 (4-7 Map Count)
CWL Champs Pool B
  1. Enigma6 – 3-0 (9-1 Map Count)
  2. Team War – 2-1  (6-3 Map Count)
  3. Fuego Gaming – 1-2 (4-8 Map Count)
  4. Gen.G – 0-3 (2-9 Map Count)
CWL Champs Pool C
  1. FaZe Clan – 3-0 (9-2 Map Count)
  2. Units – 2-1  (6-5 Map Count)
  3. Mazer Gaming – 1-2 (6-7 Map Count)
  4. Animosity Esports – 0-3 (0-3 Map Count)
CWL Champs Pool D
  1. Team Envy – 3-0 (9-6 Map Count)
  2. Team Reciprocity – 2-1 (8-3 Map Count)
  3. Sage Esports – 1-2 (5-6 Map Count)
  4. LGND Status GG – 0-3 (2-9 Map Count)
CWL Champs Pool E
  1. Team Singularity – 3-0 (9-2 Map Count)
  2. Luminosity – 2-1 (6-5 Map Count)
  3. UYU- 1-2 (7-6 Map Count)
  4. Vanity – 0-3 (2-9 Map Count)
CWL Champs Pool F
  1. 100 Thieves – 3-0 (9-2 Map Count)
  2. Sicario Gaming – 2-1 (6-5 Map Count)
  3. Midnight Esports – 1-2 (6-7 Map Count)
  4. Fury Gaming – 0-3 (2-9 Map Count)
CWL Champs Pool G
  1. OpTic Gaming – 3-0 (9-3 Map Count)
  2. Evil Geniuses – 2-1 (7-4 Map Count)
  3. Trainhard – 1-2 (5-6 Map Count)
  4. Carnage Gaming – 0-3 (1-9 Map Count)
CWL Champs Pool H
  1. Splyce – 3-0 (9-1 Map Count)
  2. Team Heretics – 2-1 (6-3 Map Count)
  3. Aspire Esports – 1-2 (3-7 Map Count)
  4. Hybrid Gaming – 0-3 (2-9 Map Count)

The teams that have been extremely solid through the 2019 Pro League season proved to consistent in the qualifying rounds. However, there were many shocking outcomes. Gen.G was sent home by Team War, which was the biggest upset of the tournament thus far. Additional original CWL Pro League teams sent home from this event were UYU and Midnight Esports. what is shocking about this is that these teams were quite solid towards the end of the regular season. At one point, UYU seemed to have found their edge and were winning games as the underdogs. To be eliminated from the biggest Call of Duty tournament of the year will definitely raise many questions.

Pool E has a shocking outcome as Team Singularity finished at top, above Luminosity Gaming. However, every other pool had their usual suspects. eUnited finished at top of their pool with FaZe Clan, Team Envy, Enigma6, 100 Thieves, Splyce and OpTic Gaming. Heading into day 2 has some incredible match-ups such as Team War against eUnited, FaZe Clan and Reciprocity and the first out of season teams Singularity against Sicario.

CWL Championship August 16 Schedule – Match up times

Below are the dates and times for the Call of Duty World League Championship tournament on Friday. The schedule is for August 16th.

Here is the Schedule for the Main Stream:

1). 10:00 PM PT / 1:00 PM ET / 6:00 PM BST
  • Team Envy 2 VS Unit 3
2). 11:30 PM PT / 12:30 PM ET / 8:30 PM BST
  • Splyce 1 VS Evil Geniuses 3
3). 1:00 PM PT / 4:00 PM ET / 9:00 PM BST
  • Luminosity 3 VS 100 Thieves 1
4). 2:30 PM PT / 5:00 PM ET / 10:30 PM BST
  • OpTic Gaming 3 VS Team Heretics 1
5). 4:00 PM PT / 7:00 PM ET / 12:00 PM BST
  • Team Envy 1 VS Singularity 3
6). 5:30 PM PT / 8:30 PM ET / 1:30 AM BST
  • FaZe Clan 2 VS 100 Thieves 3
CWL Champs Main Stream August 16th #1

Here is the schedule for the Bravo Stream:

1). 10:00 PM PT / 1:00 PM ET / 6:00 PM BST
  • Team Singularity 1 VS Sicario Gaming 3
2). 11:30 PM PT / 12:30 PM ET / 8:30 PM BST
  • eUnited 3 VS Team War 1
3). 1:00 PM PT / 4:00 PM ET / 9:00 PM BST
  • FaZe Clan 1 VS Team Reciprocity 3
4). 2:30 PM PT / 5:00 PM ET / 10:30 PM BST
  • Enigma6 3 VS Elevate 0
5). 4:00 PM PT / 7:00 PM ET / 12:00 PM BST
  • Splyce 2 VS Team War 3
6). 5:30 PM PT / 8:30 PM ET / 1:30 AM BST
  • Heretics 2 VS Elevate 3
CWL Champs Main Stream August 16th #2
Source: CODWorldLeague

The day will start off with Team Envy playing Units. Team Envy has shown to be a threat early on in this tournament. Units finished 2nd in Pool C but have plenty up their sleeves as they did have a map count of 6-5, leaving them in the positive, the other match will feature two teams that have not participated in the Pro League; Singularity and Sicario which should be interested.

Stay tuned for more updates for Championship weekend.


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In case you missed the other CWL Majors, you can the full results below:

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