CWL eUnited VS Heretics Highlights [ Day 9 – Feb 18]

CWL eUnited VS Heretics Highlights [ Day 9 – Feb 19]

Division B got right into the action yesterday on Day 9 of the CWL Pro League 2019 season. Heavyweights eUnited played Heretics in a best of 5 series. eUnited was coming off of a strong performance at the CWL Vegas Open, and Heretics came into the series with optimism. Here’s the highlights from the match.

CWL eUnited VS Heretics Highlights [ Day 9 – Feb 18]

The first two weeks of the CWL Pro League saw some exciting matches. Gen.G was the best team of Division A finishing at the top of the group. Evil Geniuses finished at the bottom of the leaderboards, but managed to get their first win on the last day of their division matches. Questions about Evil Geniuses roster come March 1st has roamed around the CoD casters. OpTic Gaming was shocked in their first match against new comers Midnight. OG finished 3rd on the leaderboards going 4-3.

Midnight had a strong showing going 5-2 in their first ever CWL Pro League.  Red Reserve, Team Reciprocity showing strong performances and Luminosity and UYU having some issues in the first two weeks. Other than the outliers mentioned, Division A is a well balanced group.

Match 1: Gridlock Map – Hardpoint Mode

The start of the match had both eUnited and Heretics were shaking off some gitters as both teams were playing at exactly the same pace. As each team was going towards the hardpoints, some intense gun fights were going down, with everyone looking to see Clayster and Arcitys unleash their skills. However, Heretics had a different game plan. Team Heretics pulled away from eUnited, and were showing more control at the hardpoints mid way in the game. With Heretics being up 217 to 149, eUnited had a chance to turn things around as they were holding down the hardpoint.

The rotation switched to mid-map where Heretics got to first and was holding off eUnited. Clayster and Prestinni were trying to move in from broken bridge when Lucky comes in with Methodzsick on the flank to take them out. eUnited dropped the match 250 – 158 in a very impressive showing from Heretics.

Match 2: Frequency Map – Search and Destroy Mode

Being down 1-0 right out of the gates seemed to have shocked eUnited, but, not deter them. Clayster pulled out his Paladin to start things off to try and get quick kills. During one point of the match, Clayster fell off the map after going up 2-1 in the series. Was this going to be a telltale sign that eUnited was in for a bad luck day?

Moving towards the latter part of the match, eUnited had a commanding lead, being up by 3 until Heretics started fighting back and taking the next two matches to bring it to 5-4. However, eUnited stood strong and stopped the premature comeback from happening. At the end of the match, some of the eUnited players looked relieved since Heretics made a lot of blunders during the match, and it could have gone either way.

Match 2: Gridlock Map – Control Mode

This match was as even as it got, with both Heretics and eUnited going to a deciding game 5. At the latter part of game 5, eUnited was up 9 lives to Heretics 6. It looked like eUnited was finally going to come out on top and tak a commanding 2-1 series lead until this happened.

With the clock counting down at 25 seconds, Heretics had to make a move a big push to gain control and fight eUnited. that’s when some magic happened. It started with Sukry taking out Jkap long distance. Clayster then takes out Sukry, but Methodzsick and MeTTalZ. there was an exchange of gun fights with the minutes counting down and that’s when MeTTalZ pulled out his war machine and killed two eUnited players and Methodzsick closing it out. Here’s the clip of the action.

Match 2: Arsenal Map – Hardpoint Mode

eUnited put up a hard fought battle on Gridlock, but weren’t happy with the result as they should have had that match. With Heretics being up 2-1, eUnited had to put their game face on and take this match by storm, which they did. eUnited played every point perfectly, with Clayster making some brilliant moves and even earning the Play of the Match killcam. It was a match that eUnited desperately needed to stay alive and Heretics looked beat, loosing 250 – 149. Was eUnited back in form and ready the close out the series?

Match 2: Hacienda Map – Search and Destroy Mode

The final map was underway, and both teams exchanged rounds in convincing fashion. Heretics was celebrating each round win in passion, while eUnited were looking rather perplexed as no one on the team thought they were going to be put in this situation. However, many fans in the community were cheering for the underdogs, and even Benson calling out a probable 4-0 record at the end of the week for Heretics.

Towards the end of the match, Heretics was up 5-4. eUnited had to plant while Heretics were on the defense. With a little back and forth going on, eUnited managed to get the plant putting Heretics in a tough situation of having to defuse the bomb. But, some of Heretics players were on the flank and managed to infiltrate mid A side. After four eUnited players fell, Clayster was left having to fight against 4 Heretics players which he wasn’t able to do. Heretics got the defuse and won the series 3-2.

CWL eUnited VS Heretics Summary

Heretics beat eUnited taking a 3-2 series win, and starting off Division B at the top of the leaderboards. Like OpTic Gaming in their first match to Midnight, eUnited lost to the underdogs and get a shocking defeat. Heretics came into the game with a solid plan, and stayed close together throughout all the matches, which was the game changer. Many fans in the chat reacted with cheers as they were happy a European team was able to to this kind of stamp at the early stages of the CWL Pro League.

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