CWL Fort Worth Champions – Luminosity Grand Final Winners. Result and Analysis

CWL Fort Worth Champions Luminosity Grand Final Winners. Result and Analysis

Luminosity are the CWL Fort Worth Champions. Splyce had an impressive showing, but fell short in the end. LG stayed strong through the finals and win their first tournament title of 2019. Here’s the break down and analysis of the Grand Final.

CWL Fort Worth Champions – Luminosity Grand Final Winners

The first day of CWL Fort worth was filled with incredible stories, and no other story was bigger than seeing the champions and runner-ups at CWL Vegas falling into the Losers brackets this time around. Many fans were predicting both OpTic Gaming and eUnited to finish in the top 3, however, once day 1 was over with no one was certain as who was going to finish in the top 3.

The Finals had Luminosity Gaming and Splyce fighting it out for the first time in a Grand Final. Before the Finals, Luminosity beat Splyce in the Winners Bracket finals to move on while Splyce went back down to fight Team Reciprocity for a spot in the Grand Finals.

Luminosity Splyce CWL Fort Worth Finals Results

Splyce and Team Reciprocity had a tight match, having both teams go to a game 5 to decide the winner. Team Rec was on a “game 5” winning streak, winning their last 4 games in a game 5. However, it eventually caught up to them as they conceded in the end to Spylce who just had a better performance on Frequency Search and destroy. After being down 0-2, they completed the reverse sweep.

Previous Appearances

Luminosity Gaming’s best performance at a Major was back at Anaheim 2018 finishing 3rd place. However, Spylce’s best performance was at the last Call of Duty World League major; CWL Vegas Open where they finished in 3rd place.

Both teams faced each other twice at Fort Worth, with both earning a win. This was going to be a rematch from CWL Vegas when Splyce got the best of Luminosity. Both teams finished 3rd and 4th places respectively at Vegas. What would happen in this final? Here’s everything you need to know about the CWL Fort Worth Grand Finals.

Series Layout Grand Finals Splyce Luminosity CWL

Representing Spylce was:

  • Jordan “Jurd” Crowley
  • Donovan “Temp” Laroda
  • Ulysses “Aqua” Silva
  • Daniel “Loony” Loza
  • Lamar “Accuracy” Abedi

Representing Luminosity Gaming was:

  • Josiah “Slacked” Berry
  • Johnathan “John” Perez
  • Matthew “FormaL” Piper
  • Peirce “Gunless” Hillman
  • Nicholas “Classic” DiCostanzo
Grand Finals Underway

Map 1 – Frequency – Hardpoint

Splyce came out strong, with Jurd taking the lead and taking out some key Luminosity players. They took the lead 38-2 against Luminosity.  Luminosity took control back to keep the game close. As the game was going on, the crowd was chanting LG, and when Gunless got some kills, the crowd was chanting MVP. It was obvious that Spylce was not only playing against LG, but also against the crowd.

Luminosity broke through, getting to 98 points to Splyce’s 58. Gunless continued taking over and killing 3 of Splyce’s players to continue LG’s run. Accuracy for Splyce had his own response, taking two LG players right after that. Luminosity took control from here and took map 1. Splyce was competitive, but LG was positioned better and was able to hold down the main zones.

Luminosity Splyce CWL Fort worth Map 1 Stats
Map 2 –  Arsenal – Search and Destroy

Round 1

This was a new map that both teams have not played in against each other. At the start was Formal with a nasty snipe, giving his team the first blood. The crowd was chanting FORMAL’s name after that. What looked to be Luminosity’s round, was stolen by Splyce.

Round 2

The round was very close, with both teams exchanging kills, going down to a 2v2 at the end. Splvce quickly went to plant, but LG caught them at the moment and Splyce loses the round.

Round 3

LG was on the defense, and Spylce was looking to take mid-map control. First blood went to Splyce as Jurd takes out FORMAL. Splyce didn’t give LG any picks on the map, but LG just had the better gun battles and Slacked won the 1v1 at the end to take round 3.

Round 4

It was a 2-1 advantage for Luminosity. FORMAL was at A side looking to snipe one of Splyce’s players. Splyce sent 3 players for a flank which caught LG off guard. But once again, LG came out on top with their gun skills and Loony conceded in the end against 3 LG players. LG wins round 4.

3-1 Lead for LG

Round 5

Splyce pushed it back to A, and Gunless was left by himself to take on the entire team. Jurd, Aqua and Accuracy all took control, eliminating 3 LG players. Spylce had a huge advantage with 4 v 2. There was nothing else that LG could do and Slacked, the last man for LG stayed alive not to give any more points to any Splyce players. Splyce takes the round.

Round 6

Splyce finally splits up their defense. Loony and FORMAL both trying to get first blood. LG planted the bomb and then it was havoc. Spylce came on hard and it turned into a 3v1 with Spylce defusing the bomb. Splyce takes round 6.

Round 7

It was 3-3 for both teams. FORMAL hits his snipe and takes first blood. Splyce was a little conflicted, not knowing what they wanted to do in the round. Then they decided to take Bomb site B and take out one of LG’s players. Both teams met head on and it ended up being 2v1 for LG in the end and Jurd goes down. LG takes round 7.

Round 8

FORMAL hit B side, looking to see if he can take anyone out. LG decided to rotate to Bomb site A. Both teams exchange kills, and with no time left LG had to plant. 30 seconds left, 3v3 and pressure was coming in. Went down to 2v2 and John of LG takes out two and walks away with the round win.

Round 9

LG was up 5-3 trying to close out the match. Loony got first kill with an insane snipe on Gunless. Splyce planted the bomb, but LG was right there to take out 2 of Spylce’s players quickly. It went to a 3v3 and LG came out on top pulling out a tempest and sealing the round and match win.


Map 3 – Frequency – Control

Luminosity had a perfect 6-0 record in control, which was a stat that Splyce fan’s didn’t want to see. Splyce needed to have their stars take control to get back into the series as Luminosity was leading 2-0.

Round 1

Right out of the gates, Luminosity pushed B and took out 4 of Splyce’s players. It seemed that Splyce had already given up. But Spylce fought back and showed they still have it in them taking LG out and winning the gun fights they needed. Splyce was holding down the zone for the entire match and just knocking LG down whenever they had a chance. Spylce took the round in convincing fashion.

Round 2

Spylce charged B entirely, while LG split from mid-map. Spylce took control, and lightening came in for Temp. Loony won some needed gun fights and Splyce continued holding control. Splyce was throwing everything they had LG, but it didn’t do any good as LG steals the round from Spylce.

Round 3

Both teams with a win each, Spylce started to look nervous, knowing that they had to keep their composure as there was still a fighting chance for them. LG prematurely pushed forward and Spylce took advantage, taking LG out and keeping up with live’s left. But LG hung in there, and kept control taking the round and going up 2-1.

Round 4

FORMAL used his lightening strike, and killed his teammate who was working for some score streaks. But they continued to hold and take out Splyce as they were coming into the zone. Splyce started looking strong with Temp winning some much needed gun fights. Continuing on, Splyce continued strong, with Jurd using his specialty taking out two of LG’s players. Splyce takes the round, tying things up at 2 a piece.

Round 5

The final round was a must win for Splyce. Classic takes out two of Splyce’s players right away, setting the tone for the last round.  Gunless pulls out his war machine and takes out a few players from Splyce. The round was dead even as both teams taking precautionary measures entering into the new zones. With one minute left, all the kills were going towards Splyce as they kill Slacked at the end to rob him of his “Slack Slam”. Splyce dodge a bullet, and survive to see another match.

Map 4 – Hacienda – Hardpoint

Spylce takes out four players from LG to take an early lead. Spylce continued their dominance in the match with a 50 point lead and Jurd going on a kill streak picking up a lightening strike and taking out 3 of LG’s players with it. He had a 10-1 KD at that point. Aqua continued his rampage and ripped through three LG players to grab control of Lambo.

Luminosity was having difficulty trying to get control as Spylce was causing havoc, winning the necessary gun fights. LG finally brought down the deficit to 40 points climbing back into the game. LG finally broke the point lead and took control going up 30 points. What seemed to be Spylce’s game turned around for LG as they took three hardpoints in a row. Splyce climbed back, killing Slacked who was coming in with his signature “Slack Slam”. It was heavily even at this point.


John from LG rushed Lambo and hide in the waters, but Aqua from Spylce read it perfectly, killing him as he came out of the waters. Splye was leading by 30 points, 181 to 151 at this point. The zone was switched to mid where Temp pulled out his war machine and got some very needed kills. The game was incredibly tight at this point. Switching over to Lambo again, it was 207 to 202 for Spylce. Spylce continued holding LG off, outlasting all of the specialist weapons from LG. But LG was too strong, with only 26 points away from a championship win. As the hardpoint switched to fences, the gun battles was incredibly intense. Watch the last minute of gameplay below.


Its was an excellent showing from both teams. As the finals went into Map 3 Control, everyone thought it was going to be over for Splyce as LG haven’t lost a Control match. But Spylce broke their streak and continued their hopes for a championship win. But in the end LG was too strong, winning the last map and finally getting their 1st championship win at the Call of Duty world League Fort Worth event.

At the end of the celebration, everyone was chanting MVP and waiting to see who was going to get it. Everyone was chanting Gunless throughout the arena, and Gunless himself had a good idea that he was going to be MVP as he was glimpsing over at the MVP trophy until his name was called out.

CWL Fort Worth Champions – Luminosity Gaming

Congratulations to Luminosity Gaming for being the CWL Fort worth 2019 champions.

Who won CWL Fort Worth Champions 2019 - Luminosity Champs

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