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CWL Vegas Open Champions - OpTic Gaming Call of Duty Esports World League
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CWL Vegas Open Champions are OpTic Gaming, who beat out eUnited in the Finals with a sweep.

The CWL Vegas Open ended yesterday with one of the most popular Call of Duty teams winning the event. The CWL Vegas Open Champions are OpTic Gaming, who finished with a convincing 3-0 in the finals being the first team to win the opening 2019 season. OG earned the $100,000 grand prize and secured a place in the CWL Pro League.

Moving On from the 2018 Season

OpTic Gaming had a rough end of the 2018 season. Prior to the Call of Duty Championship 2018, they finished 6th place at the Anahiem Open, which many saw as a serious warning sign. Consisting of Scump, Crimsix, Octane and Methodz, OpTic Gaming lead their group finishing 4-0 in Group D which placed them in the winners bracket.

It all went down hill from there as they lost 3 to 1 against Luminosity Gaming in thew quarter finals. This pushed PG to the losers bracket where they turned things around wityh a win against eUnited in Round 4 and a win against Tainted Minds in Round 5. However, in round 6 they fell short to UNILAD Esports.

In the Call of Duty 2018 Championships, OpTic Gaming had one of the worst showings in the history of their organization placing 24th overall. The team that has been feared in COD events for many years has now shown some signs of slowing down, and placing 24th at the 2018 championships set the team back.

Time for a Change

OpTic Gaming has a shake-up in their line-up by replacing Methodz and Octane with Karma, Dashy and TJHaLy. The CWL Vegas Open 2018 had a setup change that allowed a 5 player squad (instead of 4 players in previous tournaments). The shake up in OpTic’s line-up was what it needed to climb back to the top to the Call of Duty World League rankings.

Climbing back to the top

From the first showings of the CWL Vegas Open, OpTic Gaming has business to take care of. Not only did they have to prove to the world that the 2018 Season was a fluke, but that they had to make an impact early and carry that momentum throughout the CWL Vegas event.

OpTic Gaming played eUnited (who earlier beat out Splyce in the finals of the Losers bracket) and won 3-0 to grab the top of the ranks. In the beginning of the finals, it seemed like eUnited had taken a turn and figured out OpTic Gaming’s gameplan as they took a huge lead being up 201 points compared to the 89 points that Optic Gaming has while playing HardPoint on Seaside. Within a few minutes things started getting out of hand, with eUnited miscalculating spawn times and not grabbing the next Hardpoint in time (letting OpTic Gaming capture the next Hardpoint from the lead). From there on, OpTic Gaming played everythuign perfectly, using their scorestreaks when needed and their specialities. OpTic Dashy finished off the game by utilizing the Tempest and pulling a 3 kill combo towards the end to secure the win.

After the first match the rest was history as OpTic Gaming is the CWL Las Vegas Open Champs.

Call of Duty Twitter Explodes

COD World League’s Twitter account exploded with a burst of tweets after OpTic Gaming regained the throne as Call of Duty’s best team to start the season:

This was the ending clip of OpTic Gaming becoming the CWL Vegas Champions, showing Scump with his signature gesture of throwing his to hands in the air after a win.

What was interesting with the presentation of the award was that OpTic Scump and OpTic Crimsix let OpTic Dashy pick up the CWL Vegas Call of Duty World League trophy. Perhaps it was because he was the new comer to the team. But then the same could be said about Karma and TJ. Most likely its because Dashy shined throughout the tournament, being OpTics best player and making some clutch saves to win pivotal games. OpTic Dashy did close out the very close game in the 1st match of the finals with his tempest, so if that’s the case then it shows how much class Scump and Crimsix have. They’ve also picked up the trophy in the past so why not someone who gets a lot of the credit for clutch moments in the tournament?

COD World League also tweeted Dashy’s stats of the CWL Vegas Open which showed he has the top 5 kd in every game mode.

Congrats to OpTic Gaming for a well played tournament and showing the world they deserved to be the kings of Call of Duty once again.

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