Is Dashy the Best Sniper in the Call of Duty World League?

Is Dashy the Best Sniper in the Call of Duty World League

Is Dashy the best Sniper in the Call of Duty World League? Does it have to do with the fact that he’s Canadian? And who does Dashy think is a great sniper in the league? Find out below..

Dashy – Professional Call of Duty Player

Dashy is considered one of the best Call of Duty players in the world. He took the scene by storm at CWL Vegas where he won MVP and his first CWL Major title. His move to OpTic Gaming proved to be one of the best acquisitions for the organization in years, and he continues to perform at the highest level in all of OpTic’s matches. Of course, he’s playing with some heavy weights as well which definitely helps Dashy to consistently bring his A game.

When the CWL Pro League 2019 season began, Dashy had issues getting to Columbus where the games are hosted. He wasn’t going to play in the league for the first four weeks. However, Dashy was able to make it back to the team in time for CWL Fort Worth. OpTic Gaming didn’t perform to the best of their ability, and left the tournament empty handed. Moreover, Dashy did produce some highlight reels and continue carrying his dominance in the game.

Is Dashy the Best Sniper in the Call of Duty World League?

One of the things Dashy is well known for is his sniping ability. His signature map is Arsenal playing Search and Destroy. Many viewers of the CWL have seen highlight reels of Dashy using either his Tempest or his Sniper rifle on this map. Dashy has the role to be the sniper for OG, and the reason is probably because he’s the best with handling it. Although there are other players on OpTic that are deadly with the sniper, Dashy currently has that role. Is it because Dashy is the best sniper in the Call of Duty World League? It certainly seems that way when he makes plays like this during an official CWL Pro League match.

OG vs Splyce

OpTic Gaming and Splyce were tied 2-2 in the series, and OpTic had the upper hand in the last match going up by one thanks to two insane Dashy sniping kills. Dashy was able to take out Accuracy on Splce with a nice scope, and finishes off the round with trick shot kill through the closed doors. An intelligent shot given the fact that when Dashy zoomed into mid and saw no one, he pulled the trigger in case someone was behind the door on the right.

His guess proved to be the winner and even Client Evans, one of the commentators said, “What?“. Dashy has consistently been up there with his sniping skills, along side players like Luminosity’s “FormaL” and Splyce’s “Loony”. But is Dashy the best sniper in the Call of Duty World League?

Dashy Trick Shot Sniping CWL Pro LEague OpTic Gaming

It’s up for debate, but when he makes shots like in the clip above it’s hard not to make an argument.

Who Does Dashy Consider a Great Sniper?

During CWL London, OpTic Gaming just came off a win from Enigma6 in a tight battle, winning 3-2. After the game, Dashy spoke with Lottie Van-Praag who asked him some  questions, such as OpTic Gaming closing their streams before heading to the event. One of the things Dashy mentioned when speaking with Lottie Van-Praag was the fact that Frosty is one of the best sniper’s he’s played against in Call of Duty.

Frosty, who plays for Enigma6 was also making highlight reels in the match against OpTic, making some clutch moves with his snipes. Enigma6 lost 3-2 to OpTic Gaming, and part of the reason the games were so close was due to Frosty’s sniping abilities. Here’s a clip of Frosty during the OpTic Gaming match.

As Frosty landed a no-scope on TJHaLy, Benson could be heard screaming, “He’s got a family!“. There’s no doubt that Frosty is one of the best snipers in the league, and to get a compliment from Dashy is one of the highest regards. But the question remains why Dashy is so good. What is it about him that makes him the “Sniping God?”. Well, Chance, a CWL caster gave some interesting insight into this, stating that it has to do with Dashy being Canadian. Listen in.

After Dashy was causing mayhem with his sniper rifle in one of the matches at the CWL, both Benson and Chance were going off about how good Dashy is with his sniper rifle.

“In real life, Canadian’s are actually the best snipers, like, we’ve ever seen. If you go and look at the list of longest distance sniper kills, Canadians are all over the top ten, and now you got Dashy. In a video game, granted”. – Chance

It’s definitely an interesting stat. The Washington Post tallied up some numbers on how Canada produced deadly, record-breaking snipers. Is Dashy an amazing sniper because he’s Canadian? Or is it because he just knows how to play the game very well?

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