Denial Esports in Trouble? CWL Panel Share Their Thoughts

Denial Esports in Trouble CWL Panel Gives Shares Their Thoughts Esports
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Denial Esports entered yesterdays match with a 0-5 record, going up against the first place team Splyce. Looking like the weakest team at the CWL Pro League, many CoD competitive fans are questioning whether changes need to be made in the organization. Here’s what the CWL Panel thought about the situation.

Denial Esports in Trouble? CWL Panel Gives Shares Their Thoughts

Denial Esports is one of the newer teams in this years CWL Pro League. Although the organization isn’t a stranger to Call of Duty Esports; having a Denial Esports North American team which actually won a Call of Duty Championship back in 2015. The NA team disbanded, however, the team has resurfaced this year with a European team. Denial Esports had 6 players join the roster in late January consisting of:

  1. “Wailers” – Wailers Locart
  2. “ZeeK” – Ryan Lapierre
  3. “rizK” – Lucas Derambure
  4. “Breszy” – Paul Breszynski
  5. “Natshay” – Nathan Dupuis
  6. “France” – Staan Thibaud Gounod (Sub)

Al the players are from France. Many fans had doubts as how this team would perform. Despite the players being familiar with each other since they all came from Overtime Esports (team disbanded), they haven’t had much practice going into the CWL Pro League. Ond only one of the 5 players on Denial have ever been in the Pro League.

Denial Esports 0-5

Denial Esports started off poorly, going 0-5 at the CWL Pro League before yesterdays game. Alarm bells were ringing in the organization and many fans were assuming a slow and painful death for Denial Esports who were out-matched in every single game leading up to yesterdays match against Splyce. The CWL Panel weren’t exactly convinced that Denial Esports would turn things around. Chance gave his thoughts before the start of the game against Splyce.

Chance, who was one of the analysts on the panel said that he didn’t expect much from Denial in the first two weeks as he was expecting them “to get smoked“. But he wants Denial to look decent in the league and this is the best practice they’ve ever had. He said he’s not looking at the games before Fort Worth and the cross divisional play to judge Denial Esports, and he’s on their side in terms of making things work out in the Pro League.

Chance mentioned two things for Denial to start doing. If they start playing compeitivily, if they start having great performances then moving forward they everyone can start having hirer expectations. The only issue is, Denial Esports was going up against Splyce who were 4-1.

Pacman has different thoughts

Pacman, who was sitting between Katie and Chance at the CWL desk said to give them to the end of this week to see what will happen. Yesterday the CWL desk was fairly harsh with their assessment of Denial Esports roster. And Pacman wasn’t going to give them any room for pitty. He wasn’t going to give Denial Esports till Fort Worth to turn things around. Chance then stepped in and he said he knows Denial Esports is not in a good position right now, but stated that it’s still very early on to give harsh assessments to Denial Esports. Pacman then asked Chance, “You’re running an organization how long do you give that team?“.

“Me personally? I would give them well past Fort Worth. I would give them the entire Pro League.” – Chance

Pacman’s reaction said it all, as he was shocked that Chance would give Denial Esports the rest of the CWL Pro League season to bounce back.

“If you’re running a business you’d give the team who can’t win a match an entire year?” – Pacman

Is Pacman being too harsh? Or is Chance being too lenient? Could they perhaps be the biggest disappointment in Esports history like Shanghai Dragons were in Overwatch?

Let the Result do the Talking

Splyce and Denial Esports started their match, with Splyce going up 2-0. At this point, it seemed that Denial Esports was on the road to lose six straight matches and go 0-6 at the end of the second week in Division B. However, the Call of Duty Gods answered, and gave Denial a break as they were able to bounce back and win two straight matches in a row to tie the series up.

Splyce, who was looking good and had a 2-0 lead against the team with the worst record now found themselves in a similar position as in the CWL Vegas Open. Was a reverse sweep going to happen just like OpTic Gaming did to them?

Breath of Life

The last match was Search and Destroy in which Denial Esports took control from the get-go. They dominated the entire match and won their first game at the CWL Pro League. Did they hear the discussion at the CWL desk during the pre-game? Did they read all the criticism online to get motivated? It’s hard to tell, but they pulled an upset and beat one of the top teams at the CWL Pro League.

Denial Esports Get First Win at CWL Pro League Win vs Splyce
Image source:

Denial gave the CWL desk something to talk about now as Chance was definitely happy to see Denial come through and pull something out of their camp. Denial is now 1-5 and playing Excelerate GG today. Will they continue a hot streak now? Stayed tuned.

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