Highlight Of The Night: TJHaLy’s 360 Kill At CWL Anaheim

Highlight Of The Night TJHaLy's 360 Kill At CWL Anaheim
Source: Call of Duty

There were many great plays from the first day of CWL Anaheim. However, TJHaLy was on a killing spree against Team Heretics, and his 360 kill makes the cut.

Day 1 of CWL Anaheim

The first day of the Call of Duty World League tournament resulted in many predictable outcomes. The teams that were supposed to win their games did so in convincing fashion, while the teams that have struggled all season haven’t found any room for improvement. One of the teams at the top that continue to be consistent in their gameplay is OpTic Gaming. They continue to be a strong force as we have seen at most of the CWL majors (with exception to CWL Fort Worth).

On opening day of CWL Anaheim, OpTic Gaming had a sweep, going 3-0 to start. Not only did they get stronger as the day carried out, but every member on OpTic has stepped up to the plate. However, one memember by the name of TJHaLy was on fire, specifically in the match against Team Heretics.

TJHaLy’s 360 Kill

TJHaLy earned the highlight of the night against Team Heretics. At this point, it was OpTic Gaming’s last match of the day, and there were already up two games in the series against Heretics. The last map was Gridlock and both teams were playing the game mode Control. OG already won the first round on a high note and started off round 2 strong. At one point, Heretics all stormed the B side, where Crimsix and TJHaLy were. SUKRY of Heretics took out Crimsix while he was in the 18 Wheeler. Tj HaLy quickly read the play and pulled some highlight reels:

The 360 kill was so impressive, even Benson and Chance, the casters for the match, were blown away with Benson saying, “WHHaaaaaaaaaattt?? The move was surreal, and to pull off such a move one would have to be on their game, which TJ was. He continued to dominate the match, at which Chance points out that TJ is on a 10 kill spree; which no one in the lobby has 10 kills.

There were many great plays on Day 1 of CWL Anaheim, and Priestahh’s “taco slam” almost made the highlight. But TJ’s acrobatic move proved to be the highlight of the night.

TJ Haly 360 at Call of Duty World League Anaheim Esports
Source: Twitch

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