Highlights from CWL Pro League Opening Day

CWL Pro League Opening Day Highlights Esports Envoy
Image source: Twitch.tv/callofduty

The CWL Pro League 2019 Season started yesterday where 4 teams battled it out to start the league play. Reciprocity, Red Reserve, Midnight and OpTic Gaming were the four lucky teams to start things off. Here are the highlights from the first day for the CWL 2019 season (clips below).

Highlights from CWL Pro League Opening Day

The first day of the Call of Duty World League proved to be everything fans were hoping for. An action packed first day including brother rivalry, highlight reels and shocking outcomes. Four teams participated in the opening night which included OpTic Gaming, Midnight, Red Reserve and Reciprocity. The CWL Pro League Season started with this this video.

Many fans were waiting for this day to finally, and they were not disappointed. Here are the highlights from the CWL Pro League opening day.

Reciprocity VS Red Reserve Highlights First Day

The first CWL Pro League opening day started off with the twins giving some light trash talking before competition. Wuskinz from Reciprocity and Skrapz from Red Reserve meet in the middle of the stage and had a few words for each other. While Wuskinz was a little more proper, wishing his brother the best of luck, Skrapz didn’t hold back saying that he can’t wait to shoot his brother’s body in-game.

Wuskinz Reciprocity Skrapzg Red Reserve CWL Twins Trash Talk Pro League Esports
Image source: Twitch.tv/Callofduty

The first Match was on Arsenal with both teams playing Hardpoint. Most fans were favoring Reciprocity to win the series as they were seeded a little higher than Red Reserve, however, that wasn’t the case on opening day. RR and Rec were both quite even at the beginning of the match, but it was RR that ended up rising to the task and beating Rec at almost every Hardpoint. Skrapz made his mark, winning multiple gun fights that proved to be pivotal for the match. Red Reserve took Match 1 with ease.

The second match played on Frequency, game mode being Search and Destroy. Reciprocity won the first round, after conceding the first match to RR. However, RR didn’t let the first round loss affect them and came back just as strong, planting the bomb immediately and winning the round. Both teams exchanged a few rounds and RR came out on top.

Third Match RR vs Rec

The third match was on Gridlock playing Control. With Reciprocity being down 2-0, something had to b done to change things around and give the team home that they can climb back up. But Red Reserve was too strong, and Skrapz, Bance, and Zer0 all had amazing showings in the series. Zer0 stole the show with this highlight reel.

Midnight VS OpTic Gaming Highlights

One of the most anticipated matches was Midnight and OpTic Gaming. Midnight is a new face in the CWL Pro League, beating out the competition in the pre-league qualifiers to be where they are now. Having a convincing 6-0 record in the qualifiers and looking like a solid contender, many fans were wondering how this new team would fair against the titans, OpTic Gaming.

Another reason why fans were looking forward to the match was the added drama of Dashy not being able to cross the US border and make it in time for the opening day. A familiar face by the name of ZooMaa stepped in as a sub. ZooMaa, who plays for FaZe Clan was eliminated a few weeks back from the Pro League, and thus, available as a sub. ZooMaa has a tight nitched relationship with some of the OpTic players that it made sense for him to step in. Playing against players like Crimsix and Karma throughout his career, it would seem that they would be able to gel.

The first match took place on Hacienda, both teams playing Hardpoint. At the start of the match, ZooMaa flanked Midnight off the bat, killing two of their players while OpTic took mid.

However, Midnight wasn’t going to be thrown off and came back with fighting power, killing all of OpTic Gaming and gaining control . OpTic Gaming eventually took control being up significantly when things turned around. Midnight would take control of all new rotations and put up a good fight against OpTic Gaming. In the end, Midnight took the game away from OpTic in good fashion.

CWL Pro League Opening Day Midnight vs OpTic Gaming Scump In-game
Image source: Twitch
Match two – Midnight VS OpTic

Match two brought both teams back to Hacienda where Midnight and OpTic Gaming would play Search and Destroy. Midnight proved to be too strong for Midnight, covering all their corners, and playing conservative for the win. what looked like a turn around for OpTic in round 3 turned out to be short lived. Midnight took match 2 convincingly and OpTic Gaming was now down 2-0. Some comments in the CoD Competitive world, as well as the in-game chat was blaming ZooMaa as the sole reason for OpTic’s loss. However, ZooMaa held his own and Midnight showed up well prepared for OpTic, despite them being down Dashy.

Match 3 Midnight VS OpTic Gaming

In Match 3, it was do or die for OpTic. Playing Control on Arsenal, ZooMaa changed from running a Maddox to using his number one gun which was the Saug. But this didn’t change anything. Midnight was covering their angles, playing tight, making sure to control the main points on Arsenal. Midnight was on a different level, proving to be the better team on opening day and sweeping OpTic Gaming 3-0. It was an outcome many didn’t see coming. But Midnight proved that they weren’t going to be intimidated playing the best Call of Duty esports team.

In the end, Envoy got to center stage and was asked how he felt about beating OpTic Gaming 3-0. He said, “It feels really rewarding. We did a lot of studying, a lot of research on this team.” Envoy also brought up the fact that not having to play Dashy is a plus, however, it did change their game plan. Dashy is included in Midnight’s research before the series. Envoy was then ask what people would say about them now; he replied:

“I think people realize we’re a force to be be reckoned with now.”

After the match, Scump took to Twitter to give his opinion on the whole loss to Midnight, saying this:

Player of the Match

There are many players for “Player of the Match” consideration, such as Skrapz, Zer0 and Bance from Red Reserve. But one player stood tall against the rest and that was Envoy. Midnight entering the league as a fresh team, and having to play against, OpTic Gaming, stood tall to the test. Having a DPM of 505, 1.36 K/D ratio, Envoy was at the top of the list.

CWL Pro League Damage Dealt Leaderboard Call of Duty Esports Envoy Midnight
Image source: Twitch.tv/Callofduty

It was an interesting start from the CWL Pro League Opening Day. We’re looking forward to what today’s matches will bring.

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