“I’m Fu**ing Nasty!” – Clayster Holding Up 1vs3

Clayster James Eubanks Holding Up 1vs3 CWL eUnited Call of Duty
Image source: Clayster Instagram

Clayster was stuck in a sticky situation on Payload playing Search and Destroy. With all the odds stacked against him, the bomb dropped in plain sight, the 1vs3 situation he was in seemed impossible to overcome. If you want to witness some magic, you’ll need to check this out.

Clayster on Top

When you’re a CoD World Champion, MVP and X Games Gold Medalist, you’re part of a very small club that not many pro gamers can claim to. James Eubanks, most famously known by his gamer name Clayster, is part of that club. Clayster has game, and he’s able to carry his own when he needs to. Currently playing for eUnited, it’s his 13th team in his Call of Duty career.

You’d expect this from someone who started playing competitive gaming since 2007; Modern Warfare 2 being his first game where he earned his spot as an elite player. He was also the most successful MW2 player earning over $15k in prize money.


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By just mentioning the surface of his achievements, there’s a reason why James Eubanks is one of the greatest Call of Duty players to ever play. This all makes sense after the clip you’re about to watch.

Mess With the Best, Die Like the Rest

eUnited was playing on Payload, specifically, playing the game mode Search and Destroy. Being down 0-1, eUnited wasn’t starting off the game as they’d like to. In the second round, all of the eUnited players died while Clayster was left. They were on offense where they had to plant the bomb, which was dropped right between A and B. It was out in plain sight which Clayster knew the other team took notice. As he was approaching the bomb, this happened.

Down a round, and in a 1 vs 3 situation, it seemed that not even a CoD Champion would be able to pull off anything. But, Clayster proved to us once again why he’s one of the best in the world. Knowing that time was counting down, and that the chances of him picking up the bomb and planting it was not a possibility, Clayster went in as the aggressor.

Clayster James Eubanks Holding Up 1vs3 CWL eUnited Call of Duty Esports
Image source: twitch.tv/clayster

The entire clip is impressive, as Clayster timed everything perfectly, and was able to take cover near the silos and draw the enemies near him. The second kill was all skill, as Clay uses his stimshot, while sliding on the right to take the enemy off his feet. He then seals the deal killing an enemy who couldn’t finish Clay off.

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