Octane Steals Round from Evil Geniuses. 100 Thieves Get Lucky Win.

Octane Steals Round from Evil Geniuses. 100 Thieves Win Lucky Round.

100 Thieves were flying by Evil Geniuses at the CWL Fort worth Major. But, at one point during match 2, EG were looking like they were going to come. Luckily Octane comes to 100 Thieves rescue.

100 Thieves Rolling Through CWL Fort Worth

100 Thieves opened up the Call of Duty World League major with a win against Evil Geniuses. Although 100 Thieves were the favorites to win the series against EG, things seemed to take a turn in match 2 of the series, when both teams were playing on Payload Search and destroy.

Octane Goes for the Defuse

100 Thieves were up by 2 rounds on Payload. What looked like a lost cause for EG quickly turned around as Evil Geniuses won a round. In round four, EG came out firing on all cylinders. They planted the bomb and it quickly turned into a 2v1 for EG. 100 Thieves last player was Octane, who’s been stellar at the start of the series. With time counting down and EG moving off the bomb, it was Octanes time to shine. This is what happened with the time counting down.

Octane Steals Round for 100 Thieves

With time counting down, both EG players Xotic and Royalty were roaming around the bomb, trying to get a sense of where Octane was going to come from. Typically in this scenario, after the bomb has been placed, the opposing side is usually not within reach and thus, making their way to the bomb site. However, in this scenario Octane was sneaky and went in for the defuse right away as he was close to the bomb.

Xotic, who planted the bomb, was running around on the outside to see if he could catch Octane. Little did he know, Octane was already on the bomb, and half way defusing before both players had a feeling that Octane was there.

Xotic LEts Octane Defuse Bomb on Payload CWL Fort worth Esports

With just a second too late, Xotic doesn’t kill Octane in time, and Octane steals the road for 100 Thieves. The look on Xotic’s face told the whole story of how EG’s performance was at CWL Fort worth. But Octane, on the other hand couldn’t believe it.

Octane Does Stealth Defuse vs EG at CWL Fort Worth for 100 Thieves

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