Operation Apocalypse Z Is Here. Full Details [Black Ops 4]

Operation Apocalypse Z Is Here. Full Details [Black Ops 4]
Call Of Duty

Updated July 8, 2019: PlayStation 4 will see Operation Apocalypse Z first, following through to Xbox One and PC at a later date. Here’s everything you need to know about Operation Apocalypse Z, released on July 9.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 July 8th: Operation Apocalypse Z

Black Ops 4 continues the season with Apocalypse Z. It will be released soon on the PS4 exclusively, with other platforms to follow. Players will get to see an updated Blackout map, a whole new zombie experience and much more.

It’s time to get your survival gear out. Zombies will be coming to every mode of black ops 4 which is great to zombies and horror fans alike.

Primis and Ultimate Characters Join Forces for Zombies

This operation is all about zombies. Zombies has been a big part of what Treyarch is all about. In the new Zombies mode, players will get to play as the Primis versions from WWII, and the Ultimis versions in Zombies. Both character crews will come into one space for the first time. Treyarch has filled the zombies mode with many easter eggs, so players will have a great time playing Operation Apocalypse Z.

There will be a different Nuketown in the game, not like the multiplayer version players are used to. The map is 400% larger than the original map. There are more places to explore, and more space above ground. The developers wanted to expand on the Nuketown storyline as there’s been so much that has happened there. Players will also be introduced to new prototype ray guns (Ray Gun Mark 2) in the mode.

Black Ops 4 Prototype Ray Guns in Nuketown

There is also a new perk in Zombies:

  • Blood Wolf Bait new perk: It releases a wolf that fights beside you
Multiplayer Changes

Reaper makes it’s return to Black Ops 4 multiplayer. He’s bringing his specialist weapon (a big machine gun). It’s a double-barrel .50-cal machine. It’s devasting against scores streaks and equipment. However, the specialist weapon makes Reaper move slow, so there are drawbacks to using it.

Reaper also has the “Shroud” special item which creates a blackout on the mini-map when deployed. So it’s a great item to use for your team to hide from enemies.

Sticks And Stones New PArty Game Mode

It’s a party game mode which you can bring your friends in. It’s a free-for all. Everyone’s loadout will be an explosive crossbow. When you switch to your secondary weapon knife, it’s instant kills for when you run out of explosives for your crossbow. Also, everyone has a hatchet in their equipment. Additionally, with the Sticks N Stones game mode, the leader in the room will appear as a gold dot instead of the traditional red, showcasing everyone where the leader is located. This makes it very difficult to stay in front.

New Multiplayer Maps

There are three new maps. The first map is called “The Shadow”. It’s like an Austrian alp town that shadows the old Die Rise map from Black Ops 2. The main focus of the town is a massive robot that smashed onto the mid-map. The other two maps are Louisiana Marshes and the old map Havana.

New Blackout Battle Royale Content

In the new Blackout season, players will encounter more zombies than they’ve ever seen before. The new heavy fog Blackout map will have low visibility, meaning there’s more “fog” in the map. Gameplay will be heavily impacted because of it. The waters are also flowing red, most likely due to the bodies in the waters.  There will also be a “night map” for Blackout, which is not surprising considering the theme, however, very exciting! For the night map version, Treyarch as also drastically increased the count of zombies and added new AI types in Alcatraz.

In this version of Blackout, they’ve added wall-buys throughout Asylum. Throughout the season players will experience everything that is zombie related. There might be new zombies types, however, players will have to wait for Operation Apocalypse Z release. Additionally, Zombies can also tear down doors now, so players won’t be safe staying indoors.

Lastly, there might be an “Infected Mode” coming back for this season, but there’s a new version of it called Pandemic. It’s similar to infected, but “not as intense”.

Operation Apocalypse Z will be released on July 9 on PS4.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 April 30 Content Details

Treyarch has released more details on what to expect on April 30th. With the introduction of Spectre as the next specialist for both multiplayer and Blackout, players will also get to see an update on Wetworks (map), unlock new weapons and be introduced to the new Zombie Gauntlets.

New Content

Black Ops 3 fans will be happy to know that Spectre will be making his way back to Black Ops 4. For those who remember, Spectre was the quick and sneaky specialist in BO3. His specialist weapon was the “Ripper”, which was a lethal mono-edged twin blade. It caused a one hit kill. When the Rippler was fully charged, Spectre would be able to align enemies and kill them continuously while they were marked with a red X. Spectre’s Specialist Ability was the “Active Camo” which would allow Spectre to be invisible and blend into the environment. However, enemies could still see Spectre up close due to a distorted appearance. The addition of Spectre will definitely add new dynamics in both multiplayer and Blackout modes.

New Content April 30 Black Ops 4 Operation Spectre Rising
Source: Call of Duty

Additionally, Black Ops 4 players will see the return of “Call of Duty Days of Summer“. It’s that time of year were we see beautiful beaches, hot bases and beach balls by the ocean. Or more importantly, new Blackout modes, new map updates and new weapons. There will also be new Black Market items to look forward to; new skins for both characters and weapons.

Lastly, Blackout will have a new look with the “Wetworks” update which essentially has the dam blow-up, spilling all the water onto certain parts of the map. This will push players to come up with new strategies in the surrounding area.

Launch Week in Season
Launch Week Multiplayer Blackout Operation Spectre Rising
Source: Call of Duty

For Multiplayer, players will see new weapons, the introduction of the popular “Prop Hunt” game mode, League Play updates, and gameplay tuning updates. Additionally new items to look forward to in the season:

  • Capture the Flag
  • New barebones mode
  • Hacienda twilight
  • Additional new modes
  • And More

For Blackout, players will see a bounty hunter mode, Alcatraz map improvements, new characters and new equipment (ex: the Dart).  Additionally during the season here’s what to look for:

  • Ground war
  • Attack helicopter
  • New weapons
  • New equipment
  • And more

In Zombies, there will be super blood wolf moon gauntlet, new weapons and the classic Elixir Restock. Throughout the season players can look forward to:

  • Labours of Hercules Gauntlet
  • Gauntlet leaderboards
  • Hard More Gauntlets
  • And more
New Black Ops Pass Content
New Black Ops Pass Content Operation Spectre Rising
Source: Call of Duty

Those who have the Black Ops Pass will see new additions for both Blackout and multiplayer such as the introduction of “Uncle Frank” as the new Blackout character, and three new multiplayer maps:

  • Masquerade
  • Artifact
  • WMD

The Black Ops 4 pass also includes instant access to maps “Elevation, Madagascar, Lockup and Casino; Cosmic Silverback, Reaper and Shadowman and Ancient Evil Dead of the Night. Future content will include 5 multiplayer maps,. 2 Zombies experiences, and a summer and Fall operation (Operation 5 and Operation 6).

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