OpTic Teej Does Cool Trick. Spawn Traps With War Machine

OpTic Teej Cool Trick Spawn Traps War Machine CWL Esports Black Ops 4
Image source: Optic Gaming Twitter

OpTic Teej was playing Black Ops 4 in a match with his OpTic teammates. They were all playing on Arsenal where OpTic had some highlight reel moments from the last CWL event. While OpTic Teej was defending Zone A, he pulled a sneaky little trick with his war machine. You need to check this out.

OpTic Teej Has Some Tricks Up His Sleeve

OpTic Teej, also know as TJHaLy, is an SMG Slayer for OpTic Gaming. During one match that Teej was streaming, the team was playing the game mode “Control” on Arsenal. As usual, OpTic Gaming was in control of the match, pushing the other team back towards their spawn.

As time was counting down, Teej has the War Machine ready to pop. Because he knew that the other team was spawning in the West side, he decided to pop the war machine and do a little trick as seen below.

It was a perfect angle as OpTic Teej pointed the War machine (while defending mid Zone A) in the sky and started shooting through the glass ceiling. Someone else used their Vision Pulse from Recon  at the perfect time, which revealed the enemies through the map, giving OpTic Teej vision of where the enemies were through the walls.

Hole in One

As he started heading towards the West (enemies spawn), he had a feeling that one of the nades from the War machine was going to connect with an enemy.

OpTic Teej TJHaLy Cool Trick.Spawn Traps With War Machine CWL Gaming

You can see Teej anticipating something to happen, and what do you know, he connects with one enemy, who happened to be the very unlucky Priestahh. Trick shots like that are really hard to pull off, especially in a competitive match like that, but OpTic Teej was able to pull it off.

He then proceeded to go into the enemy spawn, blowing up two more players before wrapping around and putting down another opponent; nearly getting two at that point. OpTic Teej and gang are preparing for the next big even which will be at Fort Worth in Texas during March 15th to March 17th. To find more information, click here for the CWL 2019 Season Schedule.

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