MUST SEE: Prestinni 1v3 Clutch Against Splyce at CWL

Prestinni 1v3 Clutch Against Splyce at CWL Pro League
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One of the most anticipated matches at the CWL Pro League season was eUnited versus Splyce. Yesterdays match produced many highlight reels. But Prestinni takes the cake with his 1v3 clutch against Splyce.

eUnited versus Splyce

eUnited and Splyce were neck at neck on the leaderboards in Division B. Both teams did extremely well at the last CWL major (Vegas Open) finishing in 3rd and 4th place respectively. They both  have great players, and the matches at Vegas were quite even (with eUnited coming out at the top).

Both teams were waiting for this rematch, but Splyce had something to prove to eUnited. It was also very convenient that the last match of Division B before the cross divisional matches would have them face off against each other.

MUST SEE: Prestinni 1v3 Clutch Against Splyce at CWL

As the matches were underway. eUnited came out with strong, winning the first match and going up 1-0. The match switch to Payload Search and Destroy, and that’s where we saw some magic from eUnited player Prestinni. eUnited took an early lead, going up 3 to 1 in SnD. Round 5 is where things got interesting. Clayster and Prestinni were left defending, and Splyce had Loony, Temp and Aqua left to plant the bomb.

Clayster ended up getting sniped from an akward position as his body showed way through the tunnel, enough for Loony to snipe him from the bomb site. That’s when Prestinni had to leave his spot and prevent the plant at bomb site B. IT was now 1 versus 3 and this is when the magic happened.

Prestinni headed to where Clayster got sniped and took out Loony who was planting at B. Now it was 1v2. But still, Clint Evans who was making the call didn’t sound convinced as 1v3 in Search is rarely seen. Prestinni went towards the backside of B where he killed Temp with an unbelievable takedown. Now it was 1v1 and not only did Prestinni have to disarm the bomb, but find Aqua with 25 seconds left on the clock.

CWL Pro League Prestinni 1v3 Clutch Splyce Call of Duty Esports
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He eventually takes out Aqua from stairs, and managed not to make a mistake and fall down jumping from the platform for the defuse. It was an incredible showing from one of the best, and definitely a stamp to eUnited’s performance against Splyce.

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