OpTic Scump Tweets Rare Photo of Himself. Everyone Loves It.

OpTic Scump Tweets Rare Photo of Himself. Everyone Loves It Call of Duty CWL.
Image source: twitter.com/OpTic_Scumper

OpTic Scump is on a little break from the CWL Pro League which just wrapped up Division A on February 14th. Now with some cool off time, Seth Abner  is using social media more often and tweeted this rare photo of himself.

Scump  at the eMLS

It’s been a rough start at the CWL Pro League for OpTic Gaming. After missing one of their members, OpTic Dashy, OpTic Gaming finished the first two weeks going 4-3.  Although it’s not the worse record in Division A with OpTic sitting 3rd place overall, expectations were a lot higher for the team that finished 1st at the CWL Vegas Open. With OpTic Gaming only losing a few matches, they convincingly out-played their opponents.

Now with the first two weeks in the books, Division A has a little break from the CWL Pro League. Scump went to the eMLS Cup over the weekend, enjoying some away time with Hector Rodriguez, aa9skillz and Casto1021.

Scump was also enjoying some time with his friends TST Jorge and TST Blake playing Skribblio, a free multiplayer drawing and guessing.

OpTic Scump: Seth Abner Tweets Rare Photo of Himself.

In one of Scumpers tweet, he showed an old picture of himself on a Football team. It’s anyone’s guess how old he is in the picture, but it’s obvious Scump is very young, perhaps in High School. If anyone ever wondered when was the moment Scump knew he would go into CoD competitive gaming, it was this very moment. Playing on a football team, looking out on the field and realizing that Call of Duty was life.

The tweet received 18,000 likes as of this writing. Most of the comments were made memes, Scump gifs and sports references. One thing is for sure, Seth Abner knows how to keep his Twitter page entertaining.

Young Scump OpTic Gaming Esports Call of Duty Football Player Seth Abner
Image source: twitter.com/OpTic_Scumper

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