Camerica Nes Games Autograped by Thor Aackerlund and More

Here’s a unique auction. It seems like it’s been a life time since the 1990 Nintendo World Championships. Those of us who were lucky to have lived through that special time will always remember one name that pops up over and over again; Thor Aakerlund. Now I’m not here to give a history lesson as there’s plenty of articles on the dude. Basically he’s the guy that won the competition with the score of 2,800,000 points. He’s also very popular because he was competing in the age group of 12-17, and during the NES days(or NWC) this was the age group which represented a big portion of Nintendo players. I mean even watching the movie the “Wizard (1989)” you’ll see the characters ranged from 12-17. So it was a special time for that generation.

Well, to get to the point, seller gamenerd64 has up some Camerica Nes games that are signed by Thor Aackerlund. Now if you compare his autograph to other autographs he’s done they are quite similar although in the auction he also added his last name. So with that said if you plan on bidding you’ll need to do some more research and make sure it’s the real thing since we can’t authenticate this type of auction. Seller does have 100% feedback which does give him a lot of credibility, and he is right that Thor was a spokes person for Camerica Games, juct click here to see the commercials.

Seller says:

“After winning the 1990 NWC Thor Aakerlund became the spokesmen for Camerica Video games. Now you can get your hands on a couple pieces of video game history. Up for auction is a set of 3 Camerica video games autographed by Thor him self. To make these authentic I had Thor draw his signature lighting bolt on each game on the right corner. The games being sold are The ultimate stunt man, Big nose the cave man, and MIG 29. Bid now or buy now ,but what ever you do don’t let these pass you by perfect for any NES fan.”

Other Video Game Auctions:

Phoenix Wright Soundtrack CD Special Edition – Seller says:”One of the rarest product for Gyakuten Saiban or Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright, nowhere to find except in Japan but sold out! no retail store sell this anymore
Metal Gear Solid PS3 Ultimate HD Collection Steelbook – Seller says only 4000 of these were made and individually numbered.
Nice Wholesale Lot of 200 Super Famicom Games – Pretty decent price if you collection SF games. He also has a best-offer!
Huge Halo 2 Banner – This is a bad ass banner. Halo 1 & 2 were the best and I remember how crazy everyone was when Halo 2 was on the brink of release. Great item.
Splinter Cell Standee – This isn’t a Ghost Recon, but a Splinter Cell standee. I can see how the seller got mixed up. $4.99 only!
Vintage Nintendo Employee Clock N64 Rare Original – Great auction starting at only $0.99! Seller says: “Pop Culture Relics has been providing the best in rare examples from the film, television and toy industries for many years. We do not buy from other collectors, auctions or dealers, all of our offerings come directly from industry professionals. Please view our other auctions. This was acquired directly from a former Nintendo employee and has never been offered for sale before. This is a promotional clock that was intended for the launch of the Nintendo 64 game platform however this example has never been used. Only available to employees of the company or limited retail managers, this piece is very rare. Not many were made and even less have survived in this condition. Included is the original box and battery. The clock works perfectly and would be a perfect addition to any intent Nintendo collection

Lighted Sega Store Display Case
Signed Postal Running With Scissors poster
Pizza-Powered Playstation Givaway 1998 Pizza Hut Promo – Seller says:”I have uncovered a Pizza-Powered PlayStation Giveaway. This was a Pizza Hut promotion. Sweepstakes expired December 26, 1998. It appears like it has four games on the CD. The games are: Crash Bandicoot:Warped, MediEvil, Metal Gear Solid and Tomb Raider III.

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  1. The Thor Aackerlunds autographs are really cool. Any NES collector should get this. For those who don’t know Thor, after winning the under 17 (I think it was under 17) Nintendo World Championships was the mascot for Camerica games. He was sponsered by them and appeared on their flyers and ads. This is why he signed Camerica games and not any other game.

Camerica Nes Games Autograped by Thor Aackerlund and More

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