Charles Martinet Auctions, Secret of Mana Poster, Nintendo World Championships 1990 Cart and More!

Today’s featured post is not just about one main auction, but many auctions. There’s a bunch of Charles Martinet signings right now in and I’ve never seen so many auctions running at the same time. The coolest one of them all if not the signed picture cards or the signed t-shirt, but a signed Super Mario 64 game. The cool thing about that auction is that Charles signed the game that he really got popular for (although it was inevitable). The problem I have with that auction is that it’s not for the original N64 game, but a Power Choice Million Seller version of the game (which is like the greatest hits version we see with PlayStation 1 titles). A hardcore collector might be bothered by the fact that he signed the Players Choice and not the original version (it kinda bothers me). So although some might find the value in this, I personally always want the original version of anything even if that means signing the original copy of the game. The Players Choice version is alright and the signing does look authentic but anyone wishing to buy this auction should do some more research to make sure that this is 100% legit.

So how do you do this one might ask? Well, best thing is to ask the seller for some more detail about the signing. Fortunately for this particular auction you don’t need to do it since the seller bravely took out his/her camera and took a picture of Charles signing the exact copy! Pretty wild! I know I wouldn’t have the guts to do that. I mean think about it this way… you meet Charles in which you’ve been planning to setup this meeting for months. You know he’s a down to earth, super cool guy and that he’s always positive. But what would happen if some awkward confrontation came about? What happens if he said “Hey man, put that camera away”. That would be a littttle awkward if you ask me and would definitely ruin the experience (well for me nonetheless). But, seems like everything went according to plan and being the super cool guy that Charles Martinet is, this experience was everything that the seller made it out to be.

Click here for E3 N64 Super Mario Nintendo Complete rare Signed Charles Martinet Voice Creator

But, in my opinion the best signing you could get from Charles Martinet would be for the game Mario’s FUNdamentals. Why might you ask? Because this is officially the first Mario game that Charles Martinet did. Although he is entirely known for Super MArio 64 which is what boosted his career, that wasn’t the first game he did his famous Mario voice in. So by getting a signed copy of Mario’s FUNdamentals, I think that would be the ultimate Charles Martinet signing by going to the root of his Super Mario career.

If you are interested in buying Mario’s FUNdamentals (which is a computer based game), click here!

Here’s a small clip from MArio’s FUNdamentals below in the game mode “GO FISH”. Hear Charles do Mario’s voice for the first time on a video game!


Seller of the Charles Martinet says: “You are bidding on an immediate outright purchase of a rare N64 game called, Signed Super Mario 64 Complete With Game, Box and Instructions, Signed by the Voice of Mario Charles Martinet at E3 2013 (This Might quite possibly be the only signed N64 Super Mario Brothers ever because When I pulled out the box he was perplexed and surprised, due to the age at seeing it, so i have no choice but to beleive that maybe no one else have ever had him sign this particular game before by his response. When this game came out it was the first Nintendo licensed video game that utilized his voice as a profession so this game was made long before he ever became popular. But this game is the flagship game that propelled Charles Martinet into national popularity and his popularity has been growing ever since. (Personally I can’t wait to hear his voice in the next upcoming wii-u edition of Super Mario 3D Land.) He also signed my first name. at the top, He wouldn’t do the signing without also signing my name on top of it”

Other Video Game Auctions:
Philips In2it (Kidcom) unreleased/ prototype handheld game Bundle with 2 cards – Seller says: “The In2it is one of the rarest handhelds ever made in 1996. Under a hundred were produced. At least 5 compleet in2it are known to have been tested in Finland. It is a small handheld device with touch-sensitive display, pen input, infra-red communication, and audio output. The handheld was aimed at girls and had a touchscreen, calculator, alarm clock, drawing and music programs.”
25th Anniversary Megaman Statue CAPCOM Limited Edition – I already received mine in the mail. Have you? These statues are selling for about $50 more than what the purchase price was, but if you don’t buy yours now it will only increase in price.
Nintendo DS PEPSI Original Design – Seller says: “You are bidding on an EXTREMELY RARE Nintendo DS PEPSI Original Design. Excellent Condition! Only those who entered and won the campaign can get it. This is an incredably hard to find set. Great Collectors Item!!”
T-Mek Team Leather Jacket – “Up for auction is a hardly worn “team” jacket from the folks at Atari who created the game T-MEK. This was a $300 leather jacket at the time. It has a large logo for T-MEK on the back and is a Bomber Style. It’s quite heavy and nicely lined and in excellent hardly worn condition. It was owned by someone who worked on the Sega 32X version. This jacket is the ultimate prize for the collector. It’s in fabulous condition,and is a generous size men’s Medium. The brand is “American’ Craftsman”.”
Nintendo Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time PROMOTIONAL BEST BUY 1998 Factory Sealed – I still remember standing in-line for my N64 Zelda Ocarina of Time gold edition video game. When I purchased the game, I also purchased this collectable. I immediately packaged the collectable in a secure box and put it in storage. Just recently, I discovered that box and I decided to put the item up for auction. The item is fresh and new. What you see is what you get. The collectable will be very securely packaged and it will arrive in the same condition as the pictures illustrate. No international customers please. May the triforce be with you!
Tron Collector’s Edition Controller for Xbox 360 Yellow – Only 336 Made
Space Channel 5 Part2 Special Package Sega Dream Cast
Nintendo World Championships 1990 – Seller says: “Nintendo World Championships 1990. I have had this cart for a while, and I’m making some changes in life that require more money and less stuff. So it’s time for this to go. I am a lifelong Nintendo fan and avid video game collector. So, this item isn’t just passing thru my hands for re-sale. It has been taken good care of and has been stored in a safe for the majority of the time I have owned it. This is an actual cart from the competition and is NOT a reproduction. The label shows minor marking from the years, but the cart itself is in very good condition with no scratches, chips, or fractures. The pictures show very well the condition of the cart.

The cart is completely functional, as shows by the pictures and video. The dip switches are still in their default 6:21 position and never been altered.

I will provide full insurance and tracking number for the item when shipped.”

Pokemon Pikachu Nintendo 64 VGA 85 – Orange – Brand New – Japanese Exclusive N64
Secret of Mana Poster – Official Squaresoft Original – I’ve been wanting this poster for a very long time, but even at this price it’s too much for me. I wish the seller could lower the price and give us a fair shot.
Sonic The Hedgehog Tails Promotional Sega Convention 34 Inches Statue Figure – Relisted and has a reserve price. At $500, the reserve is not met.
Gears of War 3 – Thrashball Cole Bronze Statue – SDCC 2011 Exclusive – NECA – One of my favorite Gears of Wars statue. There’s a map on multiplayer called Thrashball, and supposedly thesewhere how the players were dressed to play.
1992 Mario Teaches Typing Video Game by Interplay IBM PC Tandy DOS 3.1 & Higher – Anyone ever had this teaching game?
CoD:MODERN WARFARE 3 Sweater – The hoodie is limited to 200. Looks warm :).
The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass Boomerang Club Nintendo Spain Rare Promo – Seller had this for a lot higher last time. He relisted it with a reasonable starting price.
Castlevania Dracula Best Music Soundtrack CD Box Collection 19 Disc – Although it’s used, it’s the best deal you can get buying the Castlevania soundtracks. I already own one and love it!

Charles Martinet Auctions:
Charles Martinet Signed Autographed 4 x 6 Photo Postcard Voice of Super Mario
Charles Martinet Signed Autographed 5 x 7 Photo Postcard Voice of Super Mario
SDCC 2012 Nintendo Game Lounge Charles Martinet Voice of Mario Signed Shirt L
Charles Martinet Signed Autographed 5 x 3 Index Card IDC voice of Super Mario

Good luck!

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Charles Martinet Auctions, Secret of Mana Poster, Nintendo World Championships 1990 Cart and More!

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