Chrono Trigger Prototype Cartridge, Bioshock Andrew Ryan Statue and More

Over the years here at VGA many people have checked in with us to let us know about some nice auctions that are up on eBay but, the other day, Mugnet brought something to our attention that could perhaps top everything else sent our way by a reader (you guys are awesome btw). One of the rarest and most collectible items from the world of 16-bit RPGs… a Chrono Trigger prototype.

Chrono Trigger Prototype – Clearly all of us at VGA are big fans of Chrono Trigger. We even singled it out as a category on the sidebar here! This prototype has been submitted to the Video Game Authority for grading and was granted a certificate of authenticity…

Chrono Trigger Prototype

The down side here is that you will never get to pop it into your SNES to check for differences from the released version unless you break open the acrylic casing. As much as I would love to do exactly that, I have to admit that it’s probably more important for this to remain undamaged. It’s an epic level RPG item and the future owner should be proud to have it.

Plenty more for today:

Nintendo 64 Shoulder Bag – The pictures in the auction raise some questions. Is it really faded like that? One picture shows it as black with a proper N64 logo.

DMC Devil May Cry 2013 Calendar -Sealed

Saints Row the Third Gold Bar 2GB Memory Stick – Comes preloaded with some Saints Row pictures.

GamesCon 2010 Fallout New Vegas T-Shirt – Printed for this convention only.

Halo 3 Steel Spartan Kotobukiya Figure – Very impressive while boxed and perfect for display.

Killer Instinct Trading Cards Sealed – Something tells me there wasn’t a whole lot of trading going on with these cards. Either you had them or you didn’t… no? lol

Bioshock Limited Andrew Ryan Statue – Only 200 made and this auction is for number 153.

Nintendo 64 Watch – Nintendo got pretty lazy with the design of this watch but the collector in me still wants it.

Halo Wars Promo Pen – I assume this is a Halo Wars promo? Dated 2008

Super Mario Bros 1-1 Poster – Doesn’t this picture of Mario look familiar? The cover to Super Mario Bros 2 right? Not really. I had to dig out my SMB2 cart to spot all the differences myself actually. The reverse side shows the first level of the first Super Mario Bros.

Metal Gear Solid 3 Messenger Bag – 7 sold and 5 left.

Splatterhouse Mask Replica – Glad to see the price for these finally calming down.

Gackt Redemption CD+DVD – Gackt is an amazing band and this sealed DVD and CD is a sweet random FFVII item. It took me a really long time to find this video because people keep making variations of it on YouTube. I’m pretty sure this is the original that can be found on this DVD. (there’s a normal music video with the band as well)

Gackt – REDEMPTION (Dirge of Cerberus) by finalalex

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Chrono Trigger Prototype Cartridge, Bioshock Andrew Ryan Statue and More

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