Clementine's Hat from Walking Dead, Atari 2600 Lunch Box,Vice City 10th Anniversary Beach Ball and More!

A lot of really neat items for auction including a 100% replica hat that Clementine wears in TellTale The Walking Dead. I’m surprised that TellTale never came out with something like this for thier exclusive Xbox 360 pack. The seller says that a few of these hats were made for staff and members of the press. It doesn’t look like a complicated item to make and the hat is one of the most important items in the game! It’s strange that they made a statue for Monkey Island Remake, and a whole bunch of other stuff but nothing for Walking Dead. Strange. I would have loved to see a Lee & Kenny statue depicting a scene from the game. Anyhow, no bids on Clementine’s Hat yet:

Click here for The Walking Dead TellTale Games Clementine’s Hat

Seller says: “You are looking at Clementine’s hat from ‘The Walking Dead’ by TellTale Games. This is a 100% replica of the hat worn by Clementine in Episode 5 of the game titled “No Time Left”. This hat was given to staff that worked on the game, as well as a very few select members of the press. A forums post by one of their staff has stated that they do not intend on reproducing this hat for sale, and I estimate less than 20 of these exist. The detail on the hat (the dirt, blood, and writing of Clem’s name) were all done in house, I did not do these myself. You can tell just by looking at it that this was created as a special gift and is VERY well done. I am a HUGE Walking Dead fan and would honestly never want to sell this item, but the fact is financial obligations are forcing me to list it.”

Other Video Game Auctions:
Sega 1993 Sonic Pull-back Car figure – This seller always has some cool toys for either Sonic or even Mario. I guess they have easy access to these obscure items since they live in Japan. Vintage pull-back Sonic car figure.
NICO Shadow of the Colossus Special Promo DVD – I have yet to buy this and I don’t remember what’s on it. Does anyone own this Special DVD?
Resident Evil biohazard Theme Song SCD1996 – I’ve seen this promo disk before but I am not sure whats on it. The title says “Theme Song”, but can’t you get the theme song off the 10th Anniversary soundtrack? Or it’s completely different?
CEC ENGINEER-CLASS TIMEPIECE WATCH DEAD SPACE 3 LIMITED TO 500 Dead Space watch – Raise your hand if you started drooling when you saw this auction? Only 500 piece made worldwide…
Official Rockstar Vice City 10th Anniversary Beach Ball Grand Theft Auto – Just the title alone should have made you click on the auction and purchase one lol. I already bought one! Nothing like throwing an 80’s pool party and playing around with a Vice City beach ball!
Vintage Atari 2600 Lunchbox w/ Thermos – Aladdin 1983 – Nothing screams out vintage more than an Atari 2600 lunch box that has Asteroids, Yar’s Revenge, Warlords and Missile Command stickers on it! $34.99 or best offer.
Turbo Duo TurboGrafx Bumper Sticker Very Rare [ Brand New ] Official USA Product – alright, don’t get me wrong, this is cool and original. But dang, $20 for a bumper sticker :(.
METAL GEAR RISING PEN – enter the office in STYLE with your new MGS Rising pen! Buy one now for $1!
Star Ocean the Second Story Promo Poster Evolution Tales of Destiny Symphonia 2 – Yes, Star Ocean the Second Story items are rare and expensive, and this auction holds true to that. $300 for an original Japanese release poster of Star Ocean. An incredible game and if you haven’t tried it well you know what to do next (add to wishlist).
Never Worn – 1990 Atari Lynx “Surfer” Promotional T-Shirt – SF – If the price was right I’d be all over this shirt. Common, early 90’s is all about surfers duuuddee. Totally vintage shirt in excellent shape.
BANDAI LSI GAME DOUBLE PLAY”IGA vs KOUGA”KOGA BOXED JAPAN – Here’s an interesting item. Game & Watch style 2-player game. Don’t see many like it and I’d love to give this one a try.
Lot of 8 Sega Genesis game posters! – there’s some classic posters here and for $25 it’s not a bad deal.
Japan Amusement Prize NINTENDO FAMICOM Figure Keychains – ICE CLIMBER – Ice climber!!! One of the games where I actually broke my nes controller over lol. Yeah, if you haven’t tried the game then you don’t know what I’m talking about, but for those who did can share the frustration. Why not have a keychain for memories sake?
Custom Nintendo NES Super Mario Bros SMB 1 2 3 Retro Framed Game Print Xbox PS3 – Not a bad deal especially since the frame goes well with the boxed games. Not sure if the whole box is there or the seller cut the front of the box (which would be a shame). Sometimes simple = good ideas, and framing nes boxes is pretty simple yet a GREAT idea :).
New Gold Retro Lancer Replica Gears of War 3 – “For sale is a New Golden Retro Lancer Replica from Gears of War 3 and Gears of War Judgment. The Gold Retro Lancer is in new condition and has never been opened and is still in its original shipping box. This item was never put on sale in the U.S. so here is your chance to grab it.

SNK Neo Geo AES Home system (import)
Bubble Bobble Part 2 NES Cartridge
Red Dead Redemption Employee Launch Kit Crate Shirt Wanted Poster Burlap Sack
Robotrek (Super Nintendo, SNES) RARE RPG! Same Makers as EVO & Ogre Battle
Sega store display from 1990’s featuring Sonic 2 & Tails for Genesis

Good luck!

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  1. Crazy! I fixed my post to mention that the hat is actually official. I did a quick glance and thought it was a custom made hat, but this was given to select few (staff and members of the press).

Clementine's Hat from Walking Dead, Atari 2600 Lunch Box,Vice City 10th Anniversary Beach Ball and More!

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