Complete SNES North America Collection, and Other Goodies

Good morning VGA readers. I have some cool auctions but I will only comment on the Super Nintendo Complete Collection. The seller has them mostly boxed with manuals. About 82% with manuals. This is impressive as I’d love to have a complete SNES collection in my house any day. This is the console that did it for me. I have very good memories with the regular Nintendo as it was my first console but the SNES and it’s graphics, stoy lines, RPGs take it away. Something about the music, the game play, colors and so on that make it such an amazing system. It is also the console that had the best RPGs. I will say even better than PlayStation which was dominant in RPG release.

Video Game Auctions:

Halo 4 Video Game Display Standee Poster Banner Wallscroll cardboard

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Video Game Display Standee Poster Banner

Nintendo World Championship 1990 NWC Repo CIB + Manual & Poster

SNES Super Nintendo Kiosk -Original from 1991- System Store Display – w/ Stand

Little Big Planet Sackboy 24 inch Plush NEW

Complete US Super Nintendo (SNES) collection with all boxes and most manuals

League of Legends OP Soraka Banana signed by Taipei Assassins

The Last Story (Wii, 2011) SIGNED by Hironobu Sakaguchi

Super Nintendo n64 games in box conkers bad fur day mega man x 3 Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger (Super Nintendo, 1995) SNES SQUARESOFT complete w/ seal

Banpresto Chrono Cross figure Keychain complete Set of 7

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Hardened Edition Xbox 360 – Signed by Treyarch team

Mass Effect 3 Steelbook Autographed 8 Signed Bioware Staff N7 Collectors Edition

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  1. Totally agree about what Kenji said. It really was a “Super” system & I believe the only system that had an enhancing name to it.

    What was the point really to collect all SNES games and complete? After spending thousands of dollars, just to sit there & say “I collected every SNES game in the U.S. region, now eh, uh, ooooh, I’m going to sell them!”

    Don’t get me wrong it is a cool feat but I grow tired of people just collecting anything and everything, especially if you never played it or never will come around to play it, makes no sense!

    I have 27 CIB SNES games, it is the largest collection of games for any other system I have, because, the Super Nintendo was really awesome! Only one I want now is (can’t afford it but there has been opportunities & even had a sealed one I sold,errr!) Chrono Trigger! I only collect the games I grew up playing that are great, I know that are great & are great! I actually never played SCIV or Gradius III until earlier this year & have added them to the collection! So don’t say I’m close minded or something, I have played other games & checked out reviews but nothing else seems worthy of that CIB, stand alone, ehhh, worthiness! Now, I will say Super Metroid & Zelda:link to the past are definitely close to being worthy but do not have the time to play them, so I don’t think shilling out $100+ for the 2 together CIB at this time is a good choice for me & yes, I never played them, I know, but I have came across them loose before & tapped a little into them & are cool arse games!

    Just to name a few in my CIB SNES collection:

    Metal Marines, Luifa I/II, FF II/III, Mario Kart, Lemmings, Doom, Wolfenstein 3D, Super Double Dragon, Super Game Boy (sure why not), Street Fighter II & many more!!!

    I feel you should collect what you know, because collecting everything & duplicates of stuff (I think having a spare system wouldn’t hurt) takes away from people who want those who will actually play them. I hate it seeing people with hundreds of games in their collection, when they haven’t & no effin’ way, played every single one & beaten em, when basically just have them there for bragging rights & to fill their boring walls up with them.

    Some will agree with me, some will consider what I say, some will have a nerd rage, and feel I do not know what I’m talking about. In the end, I am basically done collecting on a massive scale. Of course I will continue my collecting but not near of what I have amassed already.

    This was one friggin long statement but I felt it should have been stated for those out there collecting for years, ones who are just now starting to collect, or those who are considering selling off their collection. Which ever it is, keep an open mind, as I have an open mind as well! Happy gaming!

  2. IT’s all about game vanity (bragging rights). People buy doubles just to brag they have two rare copies of the game. This even goes far as to rare collectibles such as statues and figures. I never understood that, but then again I some collectors are so scared that they might break one or damage one (whatever the case may be) and need to have a second one for insurance purposes. But like you said Brandon look at the other collectors who are missing out because someone decides to keep to Zelda Scrolls for themselves (the one for $2k+). You know, money talks and if someone has the money to spend buying doubles of top collectibles there’s not much we can do :(. But once again, I agree that buying items from the games you grew up with makes sense, financially. I owned Earthbound but was never into the game because I think I stumbled upon it late in the game, so there’s not attached memories. I wish I could have played it when it first came out because it’s really such a great game. Do I care to own an Earthbound 90+ VGA? Hell no. I would need $5k plus for that thing. What I would LOVE to own as well is a mint, factory sealed Chrono Trigger. Looks like you and me will be in a bidding war next time a reasonable one pops up on eBay LOL!!!

    But your long statement is pretty much correct, and I am sure many other collectors reading this can agree. I think we’ve all fell into the “doubles” trap and realized that it’s really not worth it to have two of everything. One thing for sure is that owning the complete SNES Library is one of my missions in life just because it was the best console I have every experienced. The reason I want to collect all of them is because of this distant scenario where I finally retire at the age of 65 (or 70 by the time I reach eligibility) and being able to say, “Ahhh…. now, lets play one of the greatest consoles every to be made” and go through each game/experiencing new ones you’ve never heard of or knew existed. Man, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. No other console has impacted my life as the SNES.

    Good times…

  3. Yup agreed. Hey Brandon you never played The Legend of Zelda a Link to the Past? Wow you need to pick it up and play it, great game, best Zelda game in my opinion. If anything just purchase that CIB and experience it.

Complete SNES North America Collection, and Other Goodies

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