Complete Super Nintendo Collection and Massive Atari Collection

Whats my favorite system of all time? I got to go with the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. I choose this system just because of the impact it had on my childhood. No console had the same impact, however, the NES and PS1 come VERY close.

With that said, up on auction is EVERY SNES GAME released in the U.S! Now for some reason I believe this was posted before here on VGA, but I couldn’t find it so I decided to post it(?again?). Owning this collection would be a dream come true, after I win the lottery of course ;). Just imagine that, you are literally playing a different SNES game every other day for around 2 1/2 years! Incredible! Sure you have the occasion family gathering, guys night out, the girlfriend maintenance…….but boy when you come home it’s really mouth drooling. I’ll stop blabbing 🙂

The thumb pic for the auction has his rarest games in the collection which would be the Donkey Kong Competition, Star Fox Weekend Cart and Exertainment’s Speed Racer/Mountain Bike Rally combination cartridge, although I’m sure he must have other rarities not mention. The auction isn’t as descriptive as one would like, but he does answer a couple of the questions that we would have submitted:

Q: Do you have boxes and manuals for these games? Thanks Grant
A: There are no boxes and manuals, except for Magic Boy (still sealed)

Q: I am assuming you do not have the powerfest cart from 1994, but I figured it doesn’t hurt to ask. I think there are only a couple known to exist, so it’s extremely rare. Thanks. Dec-29-10
A: No, I don’t have the Powerfest 94 board (it isn’t actually a cartridge). All of them were supposed to be disassembled by Nintendo after the competition (somehow, at least one escaped certain death). I have all of the cartridges released by Nintendo- including StarFox Weekend (sold through Nintendo Power) and Donkey Kong Competition (thrown into bargain bins at Blockbuster after the competition).

If you want the list of the games he asks you to email him.

Click here for Complete Super Nintendo U.S Collection

Huge Atari 2600 Collection

Massive Atari Collection

This is one massive Atari 2600 collection! You rarely see big Atari collections like this, and I’m sure many Atari collectors are crying right now because this comes at the worse time! I mean who has that kind of spending money after Christmas and Boxing day?

Is the price worth it? I cannot say. It’s around $10 which is already a lot for an average 2600 game. I would definitely break down the lot and check out what he has, then submit a realistic offer. Too bad the pictures are not lighter so we can see better. But with over 520 games I’m sure there’s plenty of rare games to go around. The seller is also willing to break the lot if you are looking for particular games. I’m surprised no one gave a good shot at this lot.

Massive Atari Auction Here

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Complete Super Nintendo Collection and Massive Atari Collection

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