Crysis 2 Alcatraz Figurine, Tons of Sega Saturn Demos, FF8 Coca Cola Prize

After doing a quick search for Final Fantasy auctions, I stumbled upon a couple of rare items that weren’t mentioned yesterday which I want to shed light on.

The item that caught my attention is a rare Final Fantasy VIII JVC Mini Disc player Prize item which could only be obtained through the Coca Cola sweepstakes back in 1999. This contest was only running in Japan which makes the item very hard to find. Whats cool about this auction is that the seller authenticates the prize with a promo flyer for the sweepstakes.

Seller says:

The unit is manufactured by Victor Japan/JVC. The original retail price on one of this players was around $250 US, and of course, the Final Fantasy edition was never available in stores. This unit has Squall Leonhart’s Griever symbol embossed on the metallic plate on the front of the player, with the Final Fantasy logo in the corner, and the Coca-Cola logo on the back. The earphones also have the Griever symbol on the outside. See actual pics below! This listing includes the main player unit, the set of Griever earphones, the LCD remote, a brand new “gumstick” type rechargable battery, and 2 sets of new foam earphone covers. See actual photos below! This title is already extremely scarce, so Buy It Now before it gets snapped up!

I wonder if the seller happens to have the original promo flyer for the contest. That would be a neat addition to the auction. If you’re interested in checking this item out, click below:

Final Fantasy VIII Mini Disc Player Coca-Cola promo JVC

Other Video Game Auctions:
Seller las_tunas has just put up a bunch of Sega Saturn Japanese Game Promos, all being brand new. Whats great about these auctions is that there are demos for some uncommon games; Girls in Motion Puzzle, Waku Waku 7, Darkstalkers Revenge and etc. All auctions are are starting at $0.99! Thanks **Diana!
Sonic the Hedgehog 15th Anniversary Statue – Many Sega collectibles have gone down a bit in price, but one of the items that truly amazes me if this Sonic statue. These were all over ebay for $25 instant buy. Now, you’ll be lucky if they settle for less than $100.
Final Fantasy VII 7 Tonberry *Christmas Special* Plush – This is for the limited edition *Christmas Special’ Tonberry plush which immediately sold out upon its release in the SQUARE shop (Japan) on the 24th December 1999! It is extremely sought after!Limited Edtion – Only 3,000 Ever Made!!
Final Fantasy VII 7 Cactuar Sabotendor Christmas Plush – same as above
*Warning Auction* EarthBound Brand New? – Check out the dudes feedback. I hope no one reading is actually bidding on them. One thing eBay taught me is that feedback tells the truth 99% of the time.
Crysis 2 Alcatraz Figure Nano Edition
Vintage 1981 Donkey Kong Beach Towel – I think every gamer has a soft spot for vintage video game towels 🙂

Good Luck!

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  1. Yeah, whoever is bidding on those Earthbounds. Is going to get burned 🙁 Nobody has that many “Brand New” Earthbounds. I highly doubt retailers even had that many copies. Plus what you said Riku, his feedback says it all!

  2. Oh and to answer your question, no, I don’t have the actual Coca-Cola flyer. I had to do some serious Googling just to find that image on a Japanese website.

  3. LOL ❗

    Either he’s desperate or just genuinely lost. I’m just really surprised people are still bidding on his auctions despite the low feedback score.

    But yeah searching for the missing link is always hard, even on Google. I find that most of the time any item from Japan that’s rare or produced in low numbers is always a pain in the ass to search for.

  4. HAHA!! Good catch Alex, I didn’t even read the full description. As soon as I opened it up, it left a sour taste in my mouth and I just closed the page!!

  5. HHAHA yeah that picture of Amazon back in 1995 is damn hilarious! I remember those days where finding a decent website was a journey in itself. Carts didn’t even exist. You’d scroll down a long page full of shitty html coding, gifs, animated gifs if it was a decent page, then find a huge picture of a letter saying “EMAIL ME” and that’s how you’d buy something if you trusted the person, and HAAHA I’d trust over back in 1995.

    Man this is really funny.

  6. 1995 man i was 12 at the time, and the world wide web was young. I remember buying Earthbound sometime in the mid 90’s at K-Mart and they had like a handful of them still. Another funny thing is that he doesn’t know how to put more than 1 item in an auction which is making it a lot.

Crysis 2 Alcatraz Figurine, Tons of Sega Saturn Demos, FF8 Coca Cola Prize

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