10 Best CS:GO Comebacks We’ve Seen So Far In 2019

10 Greatest CSGO esports Comebacks We've Seen So Far In 2019

Not giving up and believing in a comeback, regardless of the situation, is the makeup of a true warrior. It requires great mental strength and strong faith to accomplish such a thing. Here are our 10 best comebacks in CS:GO in 2019 so far, sorted by date (July 2019).

1) ENCE vs BIG (IEM Katowice 2019) – Train

The first Major of the year featured many amazing duels and countless jaw-dropping individual plays. Additionally, we saw a couple of unbelievable comebacks. The heroes of this feat are ENCE, who found several places on our list. The first of these is their comeback against BIG in the third round of IEM Katowice 2019 New Legends Stage. This comeback is on our list primarily because of the whole story around ENCE.

Given that the Finns lost the opening two games, they desperately needed a victory against BIG to keep going at the Major. But, things didn’t start very well for them as BIG demolished ENCE on Dust 2 (16-5). Therefore, ENCE was only one map away from elimination. The two teams then moved to Train where BIG had a big lead (13-8 and 14-10). ENCE was literally just two rounds from getting edged out. But, that was the moment where their fairy tale started as they clinched the needed six rounds, and then completed the comeback on the third map (Overpass). Later on, they won two series to proceed further to the Play-offs, which puts more weight to this comeback, although the comeback itself on the single map wasn’t that huge.

2) Renegades vs Astralis (IEM Katowice 2019) – Mirage

During the Major in Katowice, Astralis still was in their prime. They were so confident and their era was still a thing. Therefore, it was unimaginable to see the Danes dropping a huge lead, even though they used to choke a lot in 2016 and 2017. Although the majority of our 10 best comebacks in CS:GO in 2019 are about the whole series, this one is only about the single map.

Renegades vs Astralis (IEM Katowice 2019) - Mirage
Source: twitter.com/ESLCS

After the successful beginning as they won their first two games, Renegades and Astralis met each other in the third round of IEM Katowice New Legends Stage. The encounter kicked off on Mirage where Astralis dismantled the Aussies in the first half (12-3). As the following map was Nuke, many fans already wrote off Renegades. Nevertheless, AZR and co. showed a great spirit considering they didn’t throw the towel in despite all the circumstances. At one point, the score was 14-5 in Astralis’ favor, and they just needed to put Renegades to sleep.

It was expected of Astralis to conclude the first map in a convincing manner, but they failed. Or to put it in another way, Renegades won ten rounds in a row and earned a map point. Astralis managed to take the game to Overtime, but the Australian team succeeded in completing a comeback as they secured the first map. Unfortunately, the next two maps were Nuke and Inferno and Renegades couldn’t stand a chance against the Danes on their two best maps. Nevertheless, they remained the only team who managed to win the map against Astralis at Katowice Major.

3) ENCE vs Team Liquid (IEM Katowice 2019) – Inferno

As mentioned, both ENCE and Katowice Major gave us an opportunity to see some of the 10 best CS:GO comebacks in 2019. This time, ENCE successfully upset one of the front runners at the Major after an incredible comeback. Firstly, AleksiB and co. prevailed against Liquid on the first map, Mirage, with a score of 16-11. It wasn’t an expected outcome, but Liquid had their chance to get back in the game on Inferno.

Moreover, Liquid achieved a huge lead and earned seven map points. They needed to win only one more round on the CT side to close the second map and take things to Overpass. Nevertheless, something that looked like an easy ride for Liquid turned into disastrous chaos for them. They choked one more time. But, we are here to talk about 10 best CS:GO comebacks in 2019, so we would say that ENCE managed to achieve an unbelievable comeback once again. They enforced Overtime and then outlasted Liquid to make the biggest upset of the event.

4) Fnatic vs NiP (Star Series i-League Season 7) – Overpass and Mirage

The encounter between Fnatic and NiP in the first round of Star Series i-League Season 7 was a really wild ride. Both teams managed to catch up on all three maps. On the first map (Overpass), Fnatic was leading 11-4 at the half-time, but NiP came back as they conceded only three rounds in the second half to set the score on 16-14. On the following map (Cache), Fnatic again had a big lead at half-time (10-5), but NiP again caught up. This time, however, NiP had to save to map points to take action to Overtime, which they succeeded in. But, Fnatic prevailed in the end (19-16).

Finally, on the last map (Mirage), NiP was the team with a big lead on side switch (10-5). Regardless, Fnatic showed their fighting spirit, too. They came back to win the map with minimal advantage (16-14) and clinch the match after being one map down. This exciting match undoubtedly featured one of 10 best comebacks in CS:GO in 2019 so far.

5) Team Vitality vs ENCE (cs_summit 4) – Inferno

Although cs_summit is not one of the biggest events in the year, the fourth edition of this tournament saw some of the best teams playing. In the Semi-final, Team Vitality faced ENCE. The two strongest rising teams (though they are already established as Top Tier teams) played a very interesting match.


ENCE looked strong after securing the first leg on Mirage (16-14). Hence, Vitality had to win the following two maps in order to reach the Grand Final. They started their comeback in the best possible way as they smashed ENCE on Overpass (16-8). But, when the game moved to Inferno, ENCE was the team who was in control of the game. They won the first half in a convincing manner (11-4) and then won the opening two rounds of the second half (13-4). Thus, the situation looked very bad for Vitality as they had to accomplish a huge comeback to stay alive and eventually win the game.

But, the Frenchmen showed their fighting spirit, and on the wings of ZywOo’s great displays, they earned the match point (15-14). ENCE saved the first match point and enforced the Overtime, but Vitality didn’t allow them to win a single round there. NBK and co. prevailed to accomplish one of 10 best comebacks in CS:GO in 2019 on one of the rare occasions when ENCE is one the losing side of a comeback.

6) ENCE vs FaZe Clan (DreamHack Masters Dallas) – Dust 2 and Train

Whenever ENCE is on the server, you know that if you must not take the break regardless of how huge of an advantage you have. The Finns proved they are capable of catching up in the hardest situations possible so many times. This time, the victim of ENCE’s determination to resist was FaZe Clan, not once, but twice.

ENCE and FaZe Clan met each other in Semi-final of DH Masters Dallas and the winner of that duel was going to play the Grand Final against Team Liquid. FaZe kicked off successfully on Dust 2 as they had 14-6 lead and basically the triumph was around the corner for them. However, ENCE stepped up and eventually saved two map points to prolong the game and take it to Overtime. There, the Finns outlasted FaZe to start off with one map lead.

FaZe needed victory on Train, and after the first half, it looked like the third map was likely to happen. FaZe was leading 10-5, but it was insufficient lead after CT side half, especially against ENCE who feel comfortable on this map. Therefore, ENCE managed to achieve another big comeback to conclude the match already after the second map (16-13) and secure the spot in the Grand Final.

7) FURIA vs Astralis (ECS Season 7 Finals) – Nuke

Although Astralis wasn’t in their prime at ECS Season 7, it still was surprising to see them dropping a convincing lead on their best map, Nuke. In the opening match, Astralis faced FURIA on Nuke. The first half went very well for FURIA as they won T half with minimal advantage. Given that Nuke favors CT side, it was a great result for FURIA. Nevertheless, they played against Astralis, so the game was far from done.

FURIA vs Astralis (ECS Season 7 Finals) - Nuke
Source: twitter.com/ecs

Truly, Astralis kicked off on T side in furious style as they quickly took a 14-9 lead. For the team of Astralis’ caliber, the game was about to end. However, FURIA pulled off some crazy clutches and plays to completely come back into the match. Eventually, they closed things on Nuke in their favor (16-14). Although the gap between these two teams wasn’t enormous, it still was one of 10 best CS:GO comebacks in 2019.

8) North vs MiBR (ECS Season 7 Finals) – Inferno

If there is a number one comeback on our list, that would definitely be North’s miraculous triumph against MiBR on Inferno in the opening match of ECS Season 7 Finals. After the first half, MiBR had a 12-3 advantage. At the beginning of the second half, they added two more rounds to alongside their name on the scoreline (14-3). It didn’t look like North could recover from such a position, and even commentators wrote North off.

But, North did something astonishing. They won 12 out of the following 11 rounds and saved two match points to take the game to Overtime. There, North saved a few more match points and finally ended the game in their favor after third Overtime (25-23). Not only it was one of 10 best CS:GO comebacks this year, but it’s also one of the best games in 2019 so far.

9) Ancient vs CR4ZY (DreamHack Open Summer) – Inferno

Here is another unbelievable comeback on Inferno that is coming from a smaller event. Even though DH Open Summer lacked Top Tier tournaments it featured some great games and this is one of those. This also a “double comeback” as Ancient was one map and seven match points down at some point. But they managed to step up and do unimaginable.

Firstly, CR4ZY crushed Ancient on Train (16-6). So, CR4ZY needed just one more map to reach Play-offs. Furthermore, they had a great chance to do so on the following map, Inferno. After decent half-time (9-6), CR4ZY earned 7 match points. The Serbs had seven chances to close things out, but they failed. Instead, Ancient managed to catch up and move the game to Overtime. As one Overtime wasn’t enough, we saw the second Overtime as well. Ancient was mentally stronger and they secured the second map in their favor.

To put even more weight to their comeback, Ancient completely turned things around as they won the map of decision, too. Later on, they reached the Grand Final but failed to end DH Open Summer in a victorious manner.

10) Team Liquid vs Astralis (ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals) – Vertigo

Some maybe wouldn’t agree this is one of 10 best CS:GO comebacks in 2019, but it’s definitely one of the most important ones. Considering how important this event was for both Team Liquid and Astralis, having Liquid coming back on Vertigo against their biggest rivals is something significant.

Also, this is another series where one team came back after losing the first map and being in an inferior position on one of the following two maps. Liquid lost the first leg on Overpass, their best map. So, they had to beat Astralis on Inferno to secure playing Vertigo. Despite the fact that Astralis wasn’t in the best shape, it was a really hard task to best the Danes on Inferno. Nonetheless, Liquid did it in a smooth manner (16-6).

Finally, the action took place on Vertigo, and after the first half, Astralis was in leading position (11-4). Such a big lead would perhaps be sufficient on any other map against any other team, but neither Vertigo or Liquid are ordinary. Team Liquid managed to achieve a full comeback on Vertigo (16-13) to win the map and the entire series. Later on, they also clinched the title, hence this comeback is even more significant.

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