5Power Discovers Controversial Pixelwalk Overpass Boost

5Power Discovers Controversial Pixelwalk Overpass Boost CSGO Esports

Pixel walk boosts have been part of CS:GO since the very beginning. However, we don’t see them so often in official matches. Regardless, 5Power discovered a controversial pixelwalk boost on Overpass and showed it during the Asia Minor.

What’s pixelwalk boost?

As the name suggests, pixelwalk boosts are referring to boosts where players are standing or walking on invisible pixels that are actually edges of the map. Therefore, it appears that these players are actually standing or walking on air without solid ground below them. Of course, this is not meant to be, so it’s considered to a bug in the game.

Whenever there is a such unexpected “feature”, developers remove it. But, the CS:GO community is large, and it always finds something new. This time, it wasn’t a community, but a professional Asian team, 5Power. 5Power discovered nasty pixelwalk boost on Overpass in Connector.

As a widely open map with short walls, Overpass is home to many amazing boosts. One of them was Fnatic’s boost over the fence, which Valve considered to be illegal. Hence, they forbade it.

5Power demonstrated this crazy boost during their Decider match in the Group Stage of Asia Minor against Avant. Their player Savagexmy had only CZ, so he decided to self boost himself on vents in Connector. As he was really high up, players of Avant just couldn’t see him while three of them were passing below him. Then, he dropped down and took only one frag even though it looked like he could easily eliminate another player considering that Avant side was so confused. They didn’t understand how Savagexmy got there.

Eventually, 5Power lost that round and map and whole match. So, they will not be part of the following Major in Berlin.

Is this boost legal?

Despite the fact this is a very powerful and interesting boost, it’s questionable if this boost is legal or not. From Savagexmy POV we saw that he was standing on some kind of edge. However, when the observer changed to 3rd face perspective, it really appeared like Savagexmy was standing in the air with no solid ground below him, which is ridiculous.

Abusing this kind of pixelwalks is illegal according to Valve, and it happened at their event. For similar reasons, the match between Fnatic and Team LDLC at Major in 2014 had to be replayed. So, we will see what is Valve going to do about this 5Power’s pixelwalk Overpass boost.

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