7 Interesting CS:GO Records

7 Interesting CSGO Records

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been one of the most popular esports games since its release. Hundreds of events have been played, and thousands of players have participated in pro tournaments. Here are some of the most interesting CS:GO records that have been set throughout CS:GO esports history.

1). Most Top 20 finishes

Since 2013, HLTV has been choosing the best 20 CS:GO players of the year. Many players found their place on these lists, but only one managed to finish each year as one of Top 20 CS:GO players. It’s one of the best CS:GO Slovakian players ever, and perhaps the best AWPer of all time, Ladislav “GuardiaN” Kovács.

He ended up as one of Top 20 players all six times. However, he failed to finish the year on top of the list a single time. He got the closest to top in 2015, when he ended as the second-best player, just behind olofmeister.


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2). Most Top 5 finishes

Despite GuardiaN’s consistency, there is one player who presumably had more success than him when it comes to the Top 20 list. Dev1ce from Astralis ended in Top 20 one time less, but finished in the Top 10 once more than GuardiaN. Moreover, all his Top 10 finishes were Top 5 at the same time, which makes dev1ce’s success even better.

3). Most MVP Medals

When we already talk about dev1ce, there is another interesting CS:GO record that he holds. As one of the greatest players of all time, the Danish AWPer also has claimed the most MVP awards among all players. He is on top of the MVP list with 13 MVP medals. The majority of these MVP awards, dev1ce won in 2015 (4) and 2018 (7), when Astralis was dominating the field. His most valuable MVP award, however, is definitely FACEIT Major MVP that he earned last year in London.

Two players next to dev1ce have three MVPs less, and it doesn’t look like they are going to win a significant number of medals in the future. One of them is veteran GeT_RiGhT, and the other one is G2’s kennyS. Both of them are great players, but neither of them has won MVP since 2017. Moreover, GeT_RiGhT hasn’t won MVP since 2014. So, it would be a huge surprise to see any one of these two surpassing dev1ce.

4). NiP and Major Grand Finals

Although NiP is one of the greatest CS:GO teams of all time, they are known as a team who lost the most Major Grand Finals. Truly, being part of all first five Major Grand Finals is a great success. Regardless, losing four of them is not the greatest feeling.

With four lost Major Grand Finals, NiP is a team who lost the most Major Grand Finals. Their score in Major Grand Finals is 1-4. The only team that has as a bad score as NiP has is NaVi. Furthermore, NaVi is the only team that played the Grand Final of Major more than once but still failed to win a single Major trophy. The score of NaVi in Major Grand Finals is 0-3.

5). The longest map winning streak

This interesting CS:GO record is a positive one for NiP. When CS:GO got released and when the competitive scene kicked off, there was only one team dominating the field. It was NiP. GeT_RiGhT and co. won the first 87 maps on LAN events they played. Up to now, no team managed to maintain such a long map streak. At the same time, NiP achieved another interesting CS:GO record as they won 33 games in a row on Nuke, which has remained the longest single map streak as Astralis failed to win on Nuke for 33rd time against ENCE in BLAST Pro Series Madrid Grand Final.

6). Team with most losses in the Grand Finals

Reaching the Grand Final of any event is basically a success, but failing at last step can be really painful. No one definitely wants to be part of the team who lost the most Grand Finals. In CS:GO, this negative CS:GO record is set by the Russian team, Natus Vincere, including only S-Tier (Liquipedia Tiers) LAN events. Considering that NaVi won 10 big events in their history, they have a negative score in matches for the title (10-17). NiP are right behind NaVi with 15 lost Grand Finals.

Interestingly, no team that hasn’t won the big title has lost more than one Grand Final in big events. Moreover, there are more than 10 teams that took part in the Grand Finals of big events but haven’t ever won one.

7). Country with most major titles

This interesting CS:GO record is held by one of the best Esports countries, Sweden. Thanks to Fnatic and NiP, Sweden has won 38 big titles since 2012. The majority of these titles were won before 2016 in Fnatic’s and NiP’s eras. On top of that, Sweden is the country with most Majors won (4). France is far behind Sweden with  22 titles, and Denmark holds third place with 20 titles, which of the majority were clinched by Astralis/TSM.

Poland and USA/Canada share fourth place with 11 big trophies, and Brazilian teams won one less.

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