Astralis made a history at home!

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Astralis made history at home!

“Astralis won the recent tournament”; how many times have you heard that this year? A countless number of times, right? Well, it happened again. But this time it wasn’t just another tournament, but it was a historical achievement in esports. For the first time in the history of CS: =GO, one team managed to win the Intel Grand Slam. Namely, only FaZe was close to accomplish this challenge, they needed only one title for that, but they failed. Now, Astralis is the only team that earned $1,000,000 bonus from Intel for winning four ESL/DreamHack(+$200.000) events in the season. Besides money, each player will get his own gold bar. The names of events players won during the season will be written on the gold bar. That’s really a lot of names written for Astralis members.

The Danish team used a domestic ground advantage to do such an amazing thing. If they haven’t won Intel Grand Slam on this tournament, they would have another, last chance in IEM Katowice at the beginning of next year. To be a more iconic moment, Astralis achieved this in the match against Team Liquid. These teams have already played against each other in the Group Stage, and the final result was identical. Let’s look at how they reached final and what happened next.

Mousesports couldn’t stand a chance versus Astralis, TeamLiquid crushed MiBR

Mousesports really couldn’t do anything against gamesome dev1ce and his colleagues. ChrisJ and his team actually opened the match well. They won the first two rounds on Mirage, but then Xyp9x completed quad-kill as the last man standing. That was a good base for continuation. Astralis won following three rounds, but then lost three. The domestic team was leading 9-6 on the half-time. Mousesports won just another six rounds to the end. The second leg took a place on Inferno. Astralis was the dominant side on that map. The aggregate result was 2-0(16-12, 16-5). Dev1ce played two amazing games. He was the best player in both legs.

In the other Semi-final Team Liquid just crushed the Brazilian team. MiBR won the first round after nine rounds. And they managed just another one until the end. NAF played some crazy game there. The next map was Overpass. MiBR performed better and won six rounds more, but NAF just was astonishing. His performance was estimated at over 2 kd. He had 31 kills, 5 assists, and 11 deaths. Remarkably by a young Canadian. So, Team Liquid booked another clash versus Astralis.

Astralis vs TeamLiquid, TeamLiquid vs Astralis, Astralis vs TeamLiquid…

It appears to be a certainty to watch at least one duel between these two teams per tournament. Team Liquid came to this tournament after winning SuperNova Malta, so they felt the pressure was gone. Truly, they lost another match against Astralis in the final round of Group A but still, they had their chances. In fact, they started the first leg on Train very well. EliGE played a very good game. In the 12th round, he secured the round with a 3k, and then two rounds later, he won a clutch 1 vs 3. Astralis won opening 4 rounds after side changing, so the result was 11-8. It looked like Astralis could catch the result, but TeamLiquid won all rounds to the end.

Teams then moved on Mirage. After the first half, everyone thought that TeamLiquid indeed can make a surprise by defeating Astralis. Before side changing the score was 9-6 in TeamLiquid’s favor. However, Astralis woke up and won 10 out of 12 rounds. Perhaps, it affected NA Team from a psychological aspect. Consequently, they lost the following map(Inferno) as well. Liquid again started well, but they were losing on half-time 10-5. However, they caught the lead and tied to 11-11, but Astralis repeated what they had on the previous map. They won all rounds till the end.

The final leg took a place on the most famous CS map ever, you guess which one. Astralis won opening four rounds, but then lost five. TeamLiquid was leading before side switch 8-7. Afterward, Danes started great series of 8 wins. In the final round, nitr0 and gla1ve confronted each other with AWPs through CTs base. Gla1ve was faster and that was the moment when the Danish team officially won ESL Pro League S8 – Finals and Intel Grand Slam at the same time.

Dev1ce is EPL S8 Finals MVP

This was 12th Astralis title this season. As the winner of the tournament, they earned $250.000 as well as additional $1.000.000 for accomplishing Intel Grand Slam. The second team, TeamLiquid received $110.000. Dev1ce has been chosen to be MVP of the tournament. As he said, the team is still not aware of what they’ve done. They only know this means a lot to them. According to dev1ce’s words, Astralis teams knew that the only way to be remembered in the history of CS: GO is to win this big prize. This is his 12th MVP medal, and he is surely one of the best CS: GO players on the planet.


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