Autimatic Explains Stewie2k’s Role In Liquid [CS:GO]

Autimatic Explains Stewie2k's Role In Liquid [CSGO]

Stewie2K is one of the best North American CS:GO players in the world. He was the part of the first NA squad that won a Major, and as well as claiming the number one spot. His former teammate, autimatic, explained Stewie2k’s role in Liquid. Here’s what he had to say.

Stewie2k and autimatic – two of the first five NA players who won the Major

These two players played together for a long time as part of Cloud9. Stewie2k joined Cloud9 in January in 2016 as a relatively unknown player. On the other side, autimatic already made his name known on teams such as TSM and compLexity before he joined Cloud9 in August in 2016. However, both players had a big success in one of the most popular North American organizations.

As part of Cloud9, they won five LAN events together. In addition to that, they claimed a number of titles at Online and Weekly events, and recorded other good showings. Of course, the biggest success for both of them is the Major title at ELEAGUE Boston Major at the beginning of 2018 when they made an unbelievable comeback in the Grand Final against FaZe Clan. For Stewie2k, the Boston Major was his ticket for Top Tier teams as he joined SK Gaming (MiBR). At the end of the last year, Stewie2k joined Team Liquid, which turned out to be an excellent move.

On the other side, autimatic stayed part of Cloud9 squad where he’s currently the most important player. He also claimed 17th place on HLTV Top 20 players of 2018. However, he saw much less success than Stewie2k after a glorious journey at Boston Major.

Autimatic on Stewie2k’s role in Liquid

During autimatic’s most recent stream, he gave his thought on the role of Stewie2k in Liquid. Stewie2k is generally aggressive player and he likes to push through smokes and peek angles very often. That’s why many CS:GO fans like Stewie2k and try to imitate his playstyle. However, that’s not something that most of CS:GO coaches would recommend to players to do. Regardless, Stewie2k’s skills and game sense allow him to play more aggressively than other players.

Alongside his incredible AWPing skills, Stewie2k plays the role of entry fragger in Liquid. Autimatic confirmed that it’s indeed Stewie’s role. He said that most of the entry fraggers have about 50% of chances to get an entry frag, but Stewie2k has significantly more. According to his words, Stewie2k is able to get entry frags at about 60-70% of the time. He always changes his approach if necessary and not all entry fraggers can do that. His unpredictability puts him in a much better position than his opponents.

Also, his team is supporting him accordingly, so he has everything he needs to be one of the best entry fraggers in the game.

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