Big Roster Changes In NiP: Dennis And GeT_RiGhT Leave The Team

Big Roster Changes In NiP Dennis And GeT_RiGhT Leave The Team CSGO

There is shocking news is coming out of NiP, who made a big roster change recently. NiP replaced dennis with plopski from Team Ancient. Also, the NiP legend, GeT_RiGhT will leave the team where he’s spent his whole CS:GO career.

NiP Wants Fresh Blood On Their Team

As the results of Ninjas in Pyjamas weren’t that great in 2019, the Swedish giants decided to make roster changes. The first roster change was benching dennis and signing plopski from Team Ancient. According to words of NiP, plopski is one of the most talented youngsters in CS:GO at the moment. As he is only 17 years old, there is so much space for improvement for plopski. Hence, this roster change is an investment for the future.

The reason for benching dennis, however, is not his poor performance. Moreover, he has been one of the most consistent players for NiP in the last year and a half. He moved from GODSENT to NiP at the beginning of 2018 and since then helped the Swedish team to qualify for two Majors. Also, he played a very important role in NiP at events where the Swedes recorded good results.

Nevertheless, dennis believes that he failed to fit in with the team. According to his words, the team just didn’t click. On top of that, there was no distinguished IGL, so it was hard to make plans.

“When there’s no leader there’s to many question marks and that results in to many arguments which has impact on the game itself.

I believe this is best for both parties, I can find a new home where i fit better and hopefully play with a real IGL.

Wish them all the best in the future, especially Rez, one of the best teammates and players i’ve played with.

Also a big thank you to NiP, Hicham and the crew.” (source: dennis’ Twitter account)

Plopski Is A Good Addition To The Squad

Sometimes, when teams make changes, it’s not because of players who leave but because of players who come. It seems like that’s exactly why NiP made this roster change. Even though dennis was very decent, plopski can help NiP to get back on paths of the old glory. This young and talented player is definitely something that NiP needs. Plopski has been very consistent throughout his not-so-long career and rarely finished an event with a rating below 1.

Plopski NiP CSGO DreamHack Squad Change
Source: DreamHack

His performance at DH Open Summer and Europe Minor Closed Qualifier helped Ancient to achieve very good results. They played Grand Final of DH Open Summer and successfully qualified for Europe Minor.  Together with REZ, plopski can bring a lot of quality to NiP.

“I am extremely happy to be getting this opportunity. For me, this is a dream come true. Since I was a kid I have always liked this team and it has been my goal to play for them. I still can’t believe this.” (source: NiP’s official website)

It’s Time To Say Goodbye To A Legend

The news that shocked so many CS:GO fans is that GeT_RiGhT will leave NiP. Regardless of their favorite team, everyone feels empathy towards one of the biggest legends of Counter-Strike including older versions of this game as well. Christopher ‘GeT_RiGhT’ Alesund is a man who dominated CS 1.6. scene with SK Gaming and Fnatic, the man who was part of 83 maps and 33 Nuke streak (the longest streaks ever), the winner of Major and four-time Major runner-up, 10-time MVP medal winner (the second-best of all time), 23-time LAN champion, the best player of 2013 and 2014 and one of the best Counter-Strike players of all time.

His name is a synonym for loyalty in CS:GO as he has spent his entire CS:GO career on the same team. Anyway, it seems like the time to say goodbye to a legend has come.

According to words of NiP, GeT_RiGhT will stay on the team until after Major in Berlin. When the Major ends, NiP will start looking for an adequate replacement. As they said, GeT_RiGhT is one of the greatest players of all time and they want to find a proper change.

Even though GeT_RiGhT is a legend, we must admit that his recent performance drastically dropped. If NiP wants to be on top, they need their players performing excellently. Hence, they have to part ways with GeT_RiGhT.

GeT_RiGhT Respects NiP’s Decision To Make A Roster Change

On his Twitch channel, GeT_RiGhT talked about the eventual roster change at NiP that includes him leaving the team after the Major. Although GeT_RiGhT said that he is not really sad about what is going on, his reaction at the beginning of the stream tells us differently. When the stream started, GeT_RiGhT got emotional and started crying.

Later on, he talked about the whole situation. He stated that it’s not easy to hear that announcement by NiP, but that he already knew about that. The Swedish CS legend emphasized that he has been playing at NiP for 7 years. Additionally, he has been playing together with f0rest for more than 10 years. Therefore, it wasn’t easy for him to accept the situation, but he doesn’t feel sad.

According to his words, he doesn’t know what is his next move and whether he will continue playing professionally or not. All he knows is that Berlin Major is most likely going to be his last tournament in NiP’s jersey.

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