British CS:GO Host Left Confused After Cameraman Does This

Jacob Winneche Alex Richardson Pimp Machine CSGO Host Cameraman error Angle Esports

A technical error happened during one of the ESL Katowice segments where Jacob Winneche had the camera on him for too long. When the camera then switched to Alex Richardson, things got a little bit awkward.

British CS:GO Host Left Confused After Cameraman Does This

During the ESL Katowice event, viewers would see many segments that involved Alex Richardson (also known as “Machine”) and Jacob Winneche (also known as “Pimp”). They two CS:GO host would provide entertaining segments discussing their thoughts on certain rounds that just finished, or provide some technical overviews of strategies used in CS:GO.

However, during one of their segments, it seemed that the cameraman (or possibly someone in the control room) was having technical difficulties switching the camera angle from one host to another.


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Alex “Machine” Richardson Is Left Confused

During one CS:GO breakdown segment, Jacob “Pimp” Winneche was explaining something on the screen.  Something looked a little off as the camera stayed on him. Instead of change angles where the viewer can see the actual CS:GO screen, the camera was stuck on Jacob Winneche. Alex Richardson noticed this and just when he was making a comment about that, the camera angle switched to him.

Alex Richardson noticed the green light on top of the camera, indicating that the light feed was still on him. He then casually eyes down the camera and points to the direction of Jacob Winneche. He was possibly thinking “What the hell is going on“. Alex kept pointing in Jacob’s direction as if it would help the cameraman realize he was off. But the problem seems like it was deeper as the camera angle then cut the screen into two pictures, one of Alex and one of the main game room. Luckily, the camera angle got back to Jacob in time for him to finish his explanation.

It’s quite a bizarre scene, but technical errors do happen at any stage.

Jacob Winneche Alex Richardson CSGO Host Cameraman error Angle Esports

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