Counter Strike: Global Offensive Operation “Shattered Web” Released

Counter Strike Global Offensive Operation Shattered Web Released
  • After Operation Hydra, Valve just released its new operation “Shattered Web”. This operation is similar to a battle pass system.

After almost 2 years Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gets a new operation. Players have been in anticipation of the release for long now. Finally, earlier this week Valve released a new operation named “Shattered Web.” This operation brings a whole lot of new things to the table. Improvements have been made to the already existing things In CS:GO, also many new things have been introduced with the operation. A lot of changes have been made to make the game play balanced and a lot of cosmetics has been introduced as well.

CSGO Operation Shattered Web
Source: Valve


Players will receive missions every week (For the next 16 weeks),  these missions can be completed in any order and will be available for completion till the end of the season. Completing these missions will reward you with stars that can be used to unlock new weapon collections, graffiti, stickers and brand new Agent skins.

The Shattered Web pass will cost players £12.49. This will include the operations pass, the rewards that can be earned and an XP boost. Players can complete the missions without pass too, but the rewards will only be given to the players who own the operation pass.

All the details you need to know about the ninth operation pass are mentioned below:

Shattered Web Coin

Upgrade your operation coin from Bronze to Diamond by completing missions and earning rewards.

The only way to upgrade your Shattered Web coin is to complete missions from weekly mission cards. Your coin will upgrade after you complete 33 missions (Silver), 66 missions (Gold), or all 100 missions (Diamond).missions (Diamond).

Operation Shattered Web Missions
Operation Shattered Web Missions
Source: Valve


Weekly missions will be given to the players in the game. These missions have specific objectives and have to be done keeping in mind the required criteria. These missions will be required to be done in different game modes such as Casual, Competitive, Danger Zone, and Guardian.

Operation Stars are earned by completing missions on your weekly mission card, and can be purchased in-game.

Each weekly mission card rewards up to six stars (except for the first week, which has ten stars), all of the rewards can be unlocked by obtaining a total of 100 stars, so you don’t need  to necessarily complete all missions in order to receive all the benefits and cosmetics from the new operation Shattered Web.

Reaching different star levels awards you with exclusive graffiti, agents, stickers, cases or skin drops from new collections.

Shattered Web Agent Skins
Shattered Web Special Agent Ava FBI
Source: Valve


Now character skins have been introduced to CS:GO. New CT Operators and T Agents with their own backstories and different styles are a part of the mission progress rewards. There are also Master Agents who have unique cheers and separate voices from the rest of the characters. You will get one Master Agent upon collecting 100 stars.

These Master Agents can be taken into game, in any game mode to play. These will be also tradable, purchasable and sellable on the Community Market.

Guardian Mode

A new mode which gives feels of campaigning missions just like previous operations in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Tag along with a friend and complete various cooperative missions. These missions are challenging and they also grand Guardian XP upon completion.

End-of-Match Stats
End-of-Match Stats For Shattered Web CSGO
Source: Valve


There is much more detail to the stats display in the game. Apart from the normal scoreboard which tracks the fragging, deaths and assists, now at the end of the match players will be given a designation for their contribution to the game. This gives better recognition to support players.

Weapon Collections
CSGO Shattered Web Case Skeleton Knife Fade
Source: Valve


St. Marc, Norse, Canals, and Shattered Web weapon collections have all been added to Counter Strike: Global Offensive with this Operation.

Four new badass looking knives are now available for the taking. Unboxing the Shattered Web case can reward you with one if you are lucky enough. The new knives are Nomad, Paracord, Skeleton and Survival knives.

Sticker Collection
Sticker Collection Shattered Web CSGO
Source: Valve


Shattered Web stickers designed by community artist daniDem has been made available in the operation. However, these will be only available as rewards during Operation Shattered Web.

Graffiti Collection

A lot of new Graffiti’s has been added to the game. Now you can kill in style and spray even funnier and more awesome things all across the map.

New Maps

To free players from the boredom of playing same maps again and again, new maps have been introduced to the game. Flying Scoutsman mode will be playable in a new map called Lunacy, also a new Danger Zone map named Jungle is available for the players. Studio is also an additional map to be introduced to the game.

This new operation bring so many new things, don’t miss out on these sweet rewards. Purchase an operation pass or wait few days if you want it to be gifted to you by a friend.

For Official release notes click here.

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