Counter-Strike 20th Anniversary Celebrated With A New Case

Counter-Strike's 20th Anniversary Celebrated With A New Case

Counter-Strike recently had its 20th Anniversary. They made sure to spoil the player base with something new and give direction to CS:GO further. The reworked cache along with a super cool case was introduced in the game.

On 10th October the reworked cache was added to the community maps list. Developers wanted to work further on the map that is why they hadn’t made it official then, now with some changes and fixes the map has been added to the official matchmaking system. However, it will still not be available for competitive play just yet because the creators “FMPONE” Snelling and Sal “Volcano” Garozzo think that the map still needs some additional tweaks. These geniuses were behind the creation of the original map as well. There’s no need to be gloomy though, you can still access and play on the map in Deathmatch, Casual and Scrimmage modes. Also, the map returns the rightfully earned graffiti below the heaven area, S1mple must be happy.

While we are incredibly excited about the arrival of the new map, there’s something else that brings out lots of stashed memories of the past. CS:GO developers decided to take us on a nostalgia trip by making us revisit the classic masterpiece Counter-Strike 1.6. By this, I don’t mean the game but the aesthetics of the game has been brought to life again. The knife from Counter-Strike 1.6 has been added to the melee weapon skins in CS:GO. It has been named as the “Classic knife”, a name it truly deserves.

Along with the knife, some sick looking skins got introduced. Counter-Strike is on the few e-sports which has lasted since forever and is still with a huge amount of daily players. During all the while the game has seen insanely breathtaking and mindblowing moments. With the skins of this case, a tribute has been paid to those moments, making those moments immortal and embedded in the game. A token to remember those priceless moments by.

P250 | Inferno

This pistol skin has been given a sweet design along with a description that reads “But look at the time” referring to the commentator “James Bardolph” who said those words in one of the most intense moments ever in a  CS:GO Major. This incredible clutch moment was created by the smoke criminal Stewie2k. A clutch against 3 opponents with an AWP holding B-site alone with just a few seconds left on the clock. This round not only resembles intensity but its also epic because this round was the deciding factor of losing the tournament or going into overtime for Cloud 9. They later won the major and we all know whom to thank.

Glock-18 | Sacrifice

The community favorite player Olofmeister got a skin registered to his courageous yet smart play on Overpass. This play had already been made memorial by placing a graffiti on a wall in B bombsite on Overpass. This iconic defuse was done by Olofmeister in a round where he was burning in a Molotov at ESL One Cologne 2014 tournament. He didn’t panic in that situation he didn’t leave the diffuse, hence sacrificing himself for the cause of winning the round, hence the appropriate name of the skin.

Tec-9 | Flash Out

Jordan ‘n0thing’ Gilbert also got a dedicated skin to his deed, the only difference being it was not done for something he did in-game. This is Valve’s way of showing sarcasm. Valve actually created a skin honoring the hilarious Flashbang dance which was created by n0thing. The description on the skin reads “Regarding dance lessons with Jordan(n0thing).”

The rest of the skins from the case are badass too. The new covert AWP skin “Wildfire” rocks a red color along with a yellow dragon in the back part of the rifle. The Famas received is second covert skin which has succeeded in turning the gun into a shining treasure. The Famas skin has been named as “Commemoration”. Looking at the new P90 skin “Nostalgia” automatically triggers the main menu music of the Counter-Strike 1.6 main menu. It has the same exact photo from the main menu screen in Counter-Strike 1.6. This was one of the top voted choices in the workshop to be put in the game.

All the skins are unique and great looking on their own. While the coverts are the most eye-catching one the classified skins are amazing too. A lot of memories get refreshed from this case by just glancing upon the skins

So for the people who want to try out their luck should start grinding for the case drop. A new case goes for a good amount of money on the steam community market. And those who want to try out their luck unboxing should start buying keys to get their hands upon the sweet classic knife which comes in 13 different designs.

Start collecting the skins and tell us what do you think about the new Cache and which one is your favorite skin from the new case.

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