CS_Summit 4 Preview: Can ENCE Repeat Madrid?

CS_Summit 4 Preview Can ENCE Repeat Madrid

The first cs_summit event this year is kicking off on the 23rd of May. It is going to feature six very strong teams including Team Liquid and ENCE who have won titles recently. In this cs_summit 4 preview, we cover everything you need to know about the following event.

A brief history of cs_summit events

The first cs_summit event was held in 2017 by Beyond The Summit. It took place in Los Angeles in Summit House and it still hasn’t changed the host city. Organizers conceptualized this event to be similar to the BLAST Pro events, although BLAST Pro events came after cs_summit. Hence, it is an invitational event. The event doesn’t last for too long (four days) and it brings the best teams to one place.

However, there are some important differences between BLAST Pro Series and cs_summit events. Evidently, BLAST Pro Series last for two days less, they use a different format and successfully invite notably better teams who actually signed a contract with BLAST Pro Series, so they basically have to play at least 5 of these events per year. On top of that, the BLAST Pro Series has a bigger prize pool.

The first edition of cs_summit was pretty strong as there were some really good teams competing such as SK Gaming, Cloud9, NiP and Team Liquid. At the end of cs_summit 1, SK Gaming defeated Gambit Esports in the Grand Final to clinch the title. A year later, Team Liquid managed to go to the Finals through the Lower Bracket where they faced Cloud9 and eventually beat them to lift the trophy.

Team Liquid CS_Summit 3 CSGO Esports
Source: HLTV

The following cs_summit event wasn’t that strong as it lacked all previously mentioned teams. So, NRG Esports used that to get to the Final and overcome OpTic Gaming there.

Format and rules

The format of cs_summit 4 is going to be drastically different from formats of previous cs_summit events. Whereas previous tournaments used Double-Elimination Bracket and Best-of-3 matches, this tournament is going to change that. Cs_summit 4 will use Double Round-Robin Group where everyone is going to face each other in Best-of-1 matches two times.

The best four teams in the group will move further to the playoffs where all matches are Best-of-3. After this significant change, cs_summit 4 is going to remind us even more of BLAST Pro Series as they both now feature mainly Best-of-1 duels. As many times said, those duels aren’t considered as serious as Bo3 and it will make cs_summit 4 more fun, but it will also lose some credibility and significance in the community.

Who competes at cs_summit 4?

Six very strong squads are going to fight for the prize pool of $150,000. Teams competing will be Team Liquid, ENCE, NRG, Renegades, Team Vitality, and Ghost Gaming. The underdogs of the cs_summit 4 are undoubtedly going to be Ghost Gaming who didn’t achieve anything notable at big tournaments. Nonetheless, they are strong squad, and everyone will have to take them seriously if they want to beat them.

Also, given that cs_summit will use Best-of-1 matches and Double Round-Robin Group, Ghost Gaming will have better chances to upset other teams.

Ghost Gaming ESL Pro League CSGO Revenant
Source: twitter.com/GhostGaming

On the other side, the favorite for winning the title is Team Liquid who won the title at IEM Sydney. Also, they have been doing pretty well this year, excluding showing at Katowice when ENCE knocked them out. Besides that loss and the Sydney title, they won iBUYPOWER Master IV, topped the Group at EPL Qualifier and finished as second at two BLAST Pro events (Sao Paulo, Miami). Hence, they had a very solid season so far, and it seems like they broke the ice when it comes to winning titles. So, everyone expects from them to keep going and perform at the highest level.

Can ENCE repeat Madrid?

The biggest headlines in CS:GO these days have been about ENCE beating Astralis and ending their Nuke streak. ENCE is the most pleasant surprise this year as they had so good results thus far. Although they always failed at Online tournaments, they shined at LAN events, when it mattered more. The last of many of their accomplishments is beating Astralis not once, but twice in the same day and defeating them on their best map.

No team managed to beat Astralis twice at the same event since North in Stockholm last year in September. Moreover, ENCE did it on the same day. So, they already proved themselves as the top CS:GO team. Therefore, when we talk about favorites for the title, we must not exclude this Finnish team.

Furthermore, other teams alongside ENCE can also be dangerous. All NRG, Renegades and Team Vitality are in good form. They all had a good year so far, and Team Vitality is perhaps the best upcoming team. As a result, this tournament is going to be very interesting to watch considering that all teams are so close. We can surely expect a good fight and high-quality CS:GO.

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