CS:GO Analyst SPUNJ: “ENCE can’t repeat IEM Katowice”

CSGO Analyst SPUN Opinion on ENCE Esports
Image source: twitch.tv/hltvorg

In the last HLTV episode, four HLTV commentators and analysts talked about what happened at the IEM Katowice this year. CS:GO Analyst SPUNJ gave his thoughts on ENCE’s magical run in Poland. Can ENCE continue performing at a high level? See what SPUNJ thinks.


Chad “SPUNJ” Burchill is one of the most famous people from CS:GO. As a player, SPUNJ didn’t have much success but he did have a decent time at Renegades and Vox Eminor. He definitely was one of the best player in Australia from 2015 to 2016. However, his best result probably was 9th-10th place at ELEAGUE Season 1 when he played for Renegades. Hence, SPUNJ lacks any big trophies.

Nevertheless, as someone who has been part of CS:GO since its release, SPUNJ contributes to the CS:GO scene with his knowledge and experience. Therefore, SPUNJ became CS:GO Analyst and commentator. The CS:GO community knows Analyst SPUNJ as someone who has no problem with talking from the bottom of his heart. There are absolutely no barriers for Analyst SPUNJ that stops him from saying what he genuinely thinks.

“If you think that ENCE is world number two, you are naive”

One of the most logical discussions in last HLTV episode was ENCE’s great run at IEM Katowice. Everyone was amazed by the level that Fiennes showed in Champions Stage. They even got their song called “Easy for ENCE (EZ4ENCE)”. First of all, Analyst SPUNJ used an opportunity to say a few nice words about ENCE. He said that their success was just different from other surprising runs considering that ENCE was playing more like a team.

Regardless, SPUNJ added that fantastic result at Katowice doesn’t make ENCE world number two. He thinks that saying that ENCE is world number two puts so much pressure on ENCE’s shoulders. Also, according to SPUNJ’s words, CS:GO fans shouldn’t expect another Grand Final in the near future because they will be disappointed.

SPUNJ clearly stated that ENCE is definitely Top 10 team, and they’ll most likely make it to the Quarters or Semis at the next event. However, putting ENCE in the same league with Big 3 or Big 4 is not good. In SPUNJ’s opinion, Astralis, Team Liquid, NaVi, and MiBR are just better teams than ENCE. On top of that, ENCE didn’t perform that well at Challenger and Legends Stage where they could drop out easily. SPUNJ finished his statement saying that ENCE can potentially be a contender in the future if they keep performing at a high level.

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