CS:GO Analyst SPUNJ Gets Mad at Cloud9 Esports Fan

CSGO Analyst SPUNJ Gets Mad at Cloud9 Esports Fan

CS:GO Analyst SPUNJ is a person with an opinion, and he’s not afraid of holding it back. As an HLTV CS:GO analyst, SPUNJ can be very harsh with his words. This time, the victim of his temperament was one Cloud9 esports fan who was watching the HLTV Twitch Stream.

SPUNJ Knows His Role

CS:GO Analyst SPUNJ already showed us how ruthless he can be. The former CS:GO player talked about critics of the current format system in a heated tone. He clearly stated that it was only North’s fault why they didn’t reach IEM Katowice for the CS:GO event. He didn’t hesitate to state his opinion to the majority. As someone who played for Renegades and Vox Eminor for a couple of years, SPUNJ thinks he has full rights to stand for his professional opinion.

Low chances for Cloud9 in Legends Stage

In the last HLTV episode, four HLTV analysts commentated on the IEM Katowice Challengers Stage results, and the latest CS:GO rankings. In addition to that, they tried to predict the outcome of IEM Katowice Legends Stage. They gave their thoughts on all teams performances and tried to arrange them in the most objective order. When it came to Cloud9, the HLTV analysts, including CS:GO Analyst SPUNJ, weren’t so optimistic.


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They said that Cloud9 didn’t play so convincing. Indeed, they have some incredible individuals, but CS:GO is a team game. Therefore, the results depend on team performance. HLTV analysts claimed that Cloud9 will not finish in the top 8 positions and they will not reach the Champions Stage. One Cloud9 esports fan didn’t like that and commented on stream: “Keep sleeping on C9 you fu**s.

Poor Cloud9 fan

This particular viewer most likely didn’t expect that anyone would have read that comment. Moreover, he definitely didn’t expect that any the analysts on stream would have a comment. Nonetheless, CS:GO Analyst SPUNJ read that comment and got triggered by it. He asked his colleagues for a couple of seconds to say something. Totally unexpectedly, instead of giving his comment on seeding, SPUNJ read viewer’s comment loudly.

He called him a Cloud9 fanboy and got really mad. He didn’t hesitate to use bad words in order to emphasize how angry he was. CS:GO Analyst SPUNJ said to this viewer that he has to start thinking objectively and to stop being biased, just because he is part of some tribe or group.

SPUNJ stated that HLTV analysts were just objective and that Cloud9 doesn’t have a chance against the best CS:GO teams in the world. Also, he insulted that viewer a couple of times, using some pretty harsh words and expressions. He needed a couple of minutes to calm down. Although the other analysts laughed, the Cloud9 esports fan surely didn’t. Saying your opinion is one thing, and perhaps SPUNJ could have been a little more polite in expressing his view on the subject. However, being as passionate as he is for CS:GO esports, one can understand why he chose to react that way.

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