CS:GO Danger Zone Bug or Feature? Player Becomes Superman.

CSGO Danger Zone Bug or Feature Player Becomes Superman.

About two and a half months passed since Valve released CS:GO Danger Zone. Although the hype was huge before it’s release, it seems like Danger Zone couldn’t reach the reputation of Battle Royal games such as PUBG and Fortnite. However, CS:GO Esports team, HellRaisers revealed a Danger Zone bug or eventual feature and posted it on Twitter.

CS:GO Danger Zone Bug or Feature? Player Becomes Superman.

Valve was giving out hints about the new Battle Royal game mode for more than two years. CS:GO fans were guessing how the new CS:GO mode was going to look like a long time. Still, no one was sure whether Valve was really going to release a new Battle Royal mode. Battle Royal games suddenly became very popular, and a big number of game developers started exploiting all resources towards making new Battle Royal games. Valve was no exception.

Finally, CS:GO Developer team posted something on Twitter, which was a clear sign that the new Battle Royal mode was upcoming. Since release, Valve changed many tiny things in order to improve Danger Zone and to make it decent competitor among Battle Royal games. Truly, CS:GO got many new players, and Danger Zone got popular in the first few weeks.

However, due to many things, including a relatively small map, the number of Danger Zone players started decreasing. But many of those stayed to play classic CS:GO games, which was free to play after the huge update. Maybe that was exactly the goal of Valve.

Is this a Danger Zone bug or a feature?

Considering that Danger Zone became an important part of CS:GO, CS:GO Esports teams and players started streaming and playing Danger Zone as well. Therefore, HellRasiers posted a short clip from the Danger Zone gameplay, which shows us something unusual.

Namely, the player was on top of Watch Tower. Of course, he had a parachute as there is always one on Watch Tower. He wanted to follow his teammate who was climbing down ladders. The player jumped from the top of Watch Tower through the ladders. Then, he opened a parachute and directed himself ahead. Although parachute was there to slow him down, instead he suddenly accelerated towards Boat Houses.

He flew over both Ferry and Pier and ended up at the Boat Houses. The player got across the large field incredibly fast, as if he was Superman. This could be really useful to know, considering that players who use a parachute to get off the Watch Tower are easy targets. This is a much safer and faster way to get off Watch Tower. The question is; is this a Danger Zone bug or feature? If it is the Danger Zone bug, then we can expect that CS:GO developers will quickly remove it from the game. If not, should be apart of your strategy in-game.

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